This page provides resources and training materials pertaining to the Purchasing Module covering Purchase Requisitions and Receiving. eProcurement is also accessed through the same module.

Menu Paths

To create a purchase requisition (ePro vendor catalog also accessed here):
Main Menu → Finance Menu → eProcurement → Create Requisition

To manage an existing purchase requisition (copy, edit, cancel):
Main Menu → Finance Menu → eProcurement → Manage Requisitions

To record a receipt of goods/services or to review receipts for requisitions submitted by yourself:
Main Menu → Finance Menu → eProcurement → Receive Items

To record a receipt of goods/services for requisitions submitted by others:
Main Menu → Finance Menu → eProcurement → Manage Requisitions

To update your requester preferences:
Main Menu → Finance Menu → Set Up Financials/Supply Chain → Product Related → Procurement Options → Purchasing → Requester Setup




Purchasing Student Guide The Purchasing Student Guide provides very detailed step-by-step and screenshot-by-screenshot explanations about the Journal Entry module. Slides from training are also included in this document.

Purchase Requisitions and Receiving Exercise Workbook (customized for the School of Public Health) The Exercise Workbook was used as the basis of ConnectCarolina training. The exercise book provides good examples of transactions and walks you through the system in a manner more streamlined than in the Student Guide. For participants who completed training, review of the exercises will be a good refresher of how to enter different journals within the Purchasing module.

Purchase Requester Setup Screen Shot Tips

The Screen Shot Tips provides helpful reminders about the Purchasing Requester Setup page, including identifying which fields are required and which fields should be entered first. All users will have to set up requester preferences prior to making any purchases.

List of Combo Edit Errors

This document outlines the six combo edit codes used within ConnectCarolina cross all modules. As part of troubleshooting combo errors, the description of the code will tell you what is wrong with your chartfield string to help you determine what needs to be done to edit it.

Purchasing and Receiving Useful Info This is a quick reference card covering the purchasing, receiving, and invoice upload process.

Tips and Updates

1. Requester Preferences – Just a reminder that the first time you access the Create Requisition page whether for eProcurement or purchase requisitions, the system will forward you over to the Requester Preferences page. Please refer to the “Purchase Requester Setup Screen Shot Tips” above for tips. Note that ALL purchasing users will have to set this up before any purchases are made – including those ordering lab supplies. Be sure to offer support to help them determine their preferences, including chartfield preferences, if appropriate.

2. eProcurement Access – The eProcurement vendor catalog, which now includes CCI-Lenovo and Software Acquisitions, are all accessed from the same menu path as purchase requisitions.

3. Receiving pages moved and process tweakedThese updates are effective September 28, 2014 and are summarized in this attachment. Everyone except for those in the final class should take note. The page to record receipts has been changed to the two paths listed at the top of this page. Please update your own reference materials. The Frequently-Used Links document also reflects the updated paths.

To receive requisitions/POs that were created by yourself, please access the appropriate menu path as listed above. This page will list ALL the items that have yet to be received (i.e. multiple items from various POs will all be listed on the page.) Select the appropriate items that you would like to receive and click “Receive Selected”. on the next page, confirm the date of receipt, quantity received, and click “Save Receipt”.

To receive requisitions/POs that were created by others, the process is similar but accessed from the Manage Requisitions page. It is better to search by a PO ID rather than a requisition ID since a requisition may potentially have multiple POs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main ConnectCarolina page has a Purchase Requisitions and Receiving parking lot page. If you have any further questions, please email We will obtain answers for you and update this page.

1. What’s the difference between the “Budget Check” and the “Budget Pre-check”?

The Budget Pre-check does not encumber your funds (in the pre-encumbrance ledger) and only functions as an initial check so that you can make corrections in case it fails. If the Budget Pre-check passes, you still need to run the Budget Check to pre-encumber your funds before submitting. We recommend you simply run the Budget Check so that you don’t have to run the check twice. The module has been configured such that passing budget check is necessary before the Submit button appears.

2. What if I can’t find a location in the “Ship to” table?

All locations in PST were loaded from SPOTS which handles all buildings owned by the University. The rooms for each building are picked up in their system and then given a location. According to Space Planning and Occupancy Tracking System (SPOTS), departments should email

3. What do I do if I’ve received an invoice on a PO? What if the PO was originally from FRS?

All PO invoices should be submitted through the Vendor Invoice Submission Page, regardless if the PO originated from FRS or ConnectCarolina. The old FRS PO numbers are still valid. Please take a look at these detailed instructions: How to Submit Invoices Through VISP. Note that while old FRS PO numbers are still valid, all vendor IDs have been updated to the new ConnectCarolina vendor IDs. If you have any questions, please contact your Procurement Buyer. Because of this change in process, Procurement also requests that ALL invoices be directly sent by vendors to departmental contacts rather than to central purchasing.

How do I receive an item on a PO that originated from FRS?

Items from POs that originated from FRS need to be recorded in the system by the buyer. Martha Pendergrass issued a memo which was sent to the Purchasing listserv. The key sections are copied here:

For Purchase Orders that originated in FRS, and were manually entered with the original PO number beginning with ‘P’ or ‘W’, the receiving will need to be done by the buyer on the PO as follows:

1. Navigate to Purchasing → Purchase Orders → Review PO Information → Purchase Orders
2. Inquire on specific W or P Purchase Order number.
3. Print the screen, mark which lines need to be received as well as what Received Quantity or Received Amount should be if line not being received in full.
4. Scan the marked up page and attach to an email to be sent to In the subject line, include the buyer’s name and the PO number (i.e. Sillman for W100100). Be sure your email also includes your contact name and information in case purchasing needs to follow up with you. After receipt of the scanned attachment, the appropriate buyer will be contacted to add the receipt in system.

Note: if you have to submit multiple invoices for the same PO, please include an Excel spreadsheet, Word document or a screenshot of the ConnectCarolina Purchase Order page showing the total quantity or amount to receive per line.

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