May 27, 2011

Tom Wong and Sandy Moulton

Tom Wong and Sandy Moulton

Consider this: a charitable gift that provides income to the donor(s) for life, an immediate tax deduction, and support for the Gillings School of Global Public Health’s top priorities.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s exactly what Sandy Moulton, JD, MPH, and Tom Wong, PhD, MPH, achieved with their recent Carolina Annuity.

“In this time of low interest rates, a Carolina Annuity made tremendous sense to us,” says Wong, who is vice president of the Meganium Corporation, in Durham, N.C. “We locked in a rate far higher than we could achieve with a money market account or CD and qualified for an immediate tax deduction. Some of the income Sandy and I will receive for life is even tax-free. This is an unbeatable opportunity to support a cause we believe in while planning prudently for our futures.”

“We consider this a win-win for everyone,” Moulton says.

Moulton and Wong were graduate students in the School’s Department of Health Policy and Management following a law degree (for her) and Doctor of Philosophy (for him). Both have served on the board of the Public Health Foundation, and Moulton served two years as Foundation president. “Sandy and Tom are among the School’s most generous, informed and savvy friends,” says Peggy Dean Glenn, associate dean for external affairs. “They know public health, and they know financial planning, as this gift attests.”

This is not the couple’s first gift. They established the School’s first diversity scholarship, named a classroom in Rosenau Hall and have been faithful members of the Rosenau and Gerrard Societies.

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