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Study: High school athletes at high risk for being reinjured

October 06, 2006 A recent review of injuries in more than 15,000 high school varsity athletes in North Carolina showed that a player who had ever sustained an injury was more than twice as likely as an uninjured player to be hurt again. Photograph of Dr. Sarah Knowles “This is clinically significant because these are… Read more »

Three students awarded prizes for research posters

October 03, 2006 Photograph of poster session winner Three graduate students have been recognized for outstanding research during the School’s first Research Poster Display and Contest. William B. Allshouse, Joseph N. LoBuglio and Jon R. Sobus each received a certificate and $25 prize for their efforts. Their posters and others were displayed in the atrium… Read more »

New study seeks to lower diabetes risk in youth

October 02, 2006 Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing will study students at six North Carolina middle schools to determine if changes in schools can lower risk factors for type 2 diabetes. The study, which begins this fall, is part of the nationwide HEALTHY study sponsored by the… Read more »

Maternal and Child Health receives federal training grant to address health disparities

September 28, 2006 The Department of Maternal and Child Health has received a federal grant enabling the launch of a new doctoral training program in applied epidemiology aimed at addressing health inequities. The Health Resources and Services Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), awarded the department $26,000 per… Read more »

Research Poster Display and Contest: Environmental Sciences and Engineering photographs

September 25, 2006 Photograph of poster session Photograph of poster session Photograph of poster session Photograph of poster session Photograph of poster session Photograph of poster session Photograph of poster session Photograph of poster session Photograph of poster session winner Photograph of poster session winner Photograph of Laurie Ringaert Photograph of poster session winner Photograph… Read more »

Department of Health Behavior and Health Education holds first annual retrospective event

September 22, 2006 When Dr. Ed Fisher became chair of Health Behavior and Health Education in August 2005, he was aware that the department had a distinguished faculty and a long record of service. But it was not until he met with University of North Carolina president emeritus William C. Friday earlier this year that… Read more »

Preparing for pandemic influenza topic of public health broadcast

September 20, 2006 Public health experts predict that a new pandemic flu would impact every community and every citizen. On Sept. 29, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will examine how communities can prepare for pandemic influenza.The program, part of… Read more »

Adjunct professor Roy Jacobstein appeared Friday on North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC

September 15, 2006 Maternal and Child Health adjunct professor Roy Jacobstein was interviewed Friday, September 15, during North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC’s live program, The State of Things. The show, which airs at noon at 91.5 FM in Chapel Hill and on other regional public radio stations, will be rebroadcast Friday, September 15, at 9 p.m…. Read more »

School of Public Health students help bring fresh water to Cambodia

September 15, 2006 Four students and one alumnus from the School of Public Health recently returned from Cambodia, where they helped provide safer drinking water to 1200 students at a primary school outside Phnom Penh. Members of Engineers Without Borders, including Joe Brown, Josh Hunn, Reed Palmer, Jamie Perin and Angella Rinehold, worked with the… Read more »

Public Health Grand Rounds discusses how to prepare for pandemic influenza

CHAPEL HILL – Public health experts are predicting that the impact of pandemic influenza will be felt in every community by every citizen. Hospitals will be overwhelmed and pharmaceutical interventions will be in short supply. Critical infrastructure such as transportation, commerce, utilities, and public safety will be disrupted. On Friday, September 29, a program of… Read more »