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Scientists discover why not enough choline results in fewer brain cells, poorer memory

March 21, 2004 CHAPEL HILL – Five years ago, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers first reported finding that the nutrient choline played a critical role in memory and brain function by positively affecting the brain’s physical development. Differences in development influenced action, the scientists and their colleagues found. In animal experiments conducted… Read more »

Friday broadcast, panel discussion examine traffic safety as major challenge to public’s health

March 21, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — The World Health Organization has estimated that 1 million people worldwide die annually as a result of traffic crashes, making road safety a key public health issue.”On the Road Again: Promoting Safe Travel and the Public’s Health” will be the topic of a special broadcast 2 p.m. March 26,… Read more »

Carolina Center for Public Service honors campus units, individuals for service to state

March 12, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — Diabetes prevention, environmental protection and oral history research are a few of the outreach efforts led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill faculty, staff, students and organizations in the past year.The Carolina Center for Public Service is recognizing those and other initiatives through its annual awards for… Read more »

Pfizer Inc provides major support for seminar series at campuswide Program on Health Outcomes

March 10, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — Pfizer Inc has made a gift of $225,000 to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Program on Health Outcomes to support the program’s seminar series and Summer Outcomes Day events for the next three years. The first of six lectures for the spring seminar series will be… Read more »

UNC to become regional center for research on health workforce

March 09, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — The Health Resources and Services Administration’s Bureau of Health Professions has awarded the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill a cooperative agreement to become the Southeast Regional Center for Health Workforce Studies.The agreement will provide $1.08 million to UNC’s Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research over… Read more »

Team Epi-Aid helps state investigate public health outbreaks, illness

March 05, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — State officials are regularly calling upon University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students to help investigate public health concerns close to home, such as the January gastrointestinal outbreak on the UNC campus. The results of their investigations are helping officials out of state, too: The U.S. Centers for… Read more »

Study calls for enhancing public university research to boost N.C. economy, protect wise investment

March 04, 2004 To ensure science and technology remain bright spots in North Carolina’s economy, state leaders should be aggressive in maximizing the competitive advantage that its public research universities provide to economic development and growth, according to a new study.Key legislators were briefed today (March 4) at their request on the study, which was… Read more »

Research shows estrogen plus progestin cut postmenopausal women’s colon cancer risk

March 04, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — In postmenopausal women, relatively short-term use of the hormones estrogen and progestin appears to cut the risk of colorectal cancer, a new multi-center national study shows.Among the small percentage of women in the study who developed the cancer, however, those who took the combined hormone treatment were diagnosed at… Read more »

Women’s Health Initiative investigators stop estrogen research in postmenopausal women

March 02, 2004 CHAPEL HILL – The National Institutes of Health today (March 2) announced that it was halting the active phase of a Women’s Health Initiative study of the effects of taking estrogen among postmenopausal women who had hysterectomies.Participating women received letters saying they should stop taking pills containing either the hormone estrogen or… Read more »

Cecil G. Sheps visiting scholar fund to bring social justice experts to UNC

March 02, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — Four experts in health policy, city and regional planning, the law and human rights, and violence and reconciliation will visit the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this month, as a part of the Cecil G. Sheps Visiting Scholar in Social Justice Fund.Dr. Cecil G. Sheps, who died… Read more »