Department of Epidemiology

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and associates of the Department have conducted research and/or offered courses in other areas in epidemiology, including aging, digestive diseases epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, physical activity, nutritional epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, and... Read more »

Awards and Funding

Students in the Department of Epidemiology have several funding resources including Graduate School awards, departmental training grants, teaching assistantships, research assistantships and external grants. Funding at a Glance Graduate School... Read more »

Graduate Application

  Admissions requirements Application procedures Application materials Admission Requirements Typically the Department of Epidemiology receives more than 250 applications for approximately 40 openings. Therefore, the Department is unable to offer... Read more »

Genetic Epidemiology Research

Overview Genetic Epidemiology is the study of genetic factors that independently or in combination with environmental factors influences the risk of disease. Genetic epidemiology uses a variety of study designs... Read more »

Current Students

Departmental resources for current students are available here. Course Information All course information can be found in the UNC Course Catalog. Additional courses may be added on a semester basis... Read more »

Environmental/Occupational Epidemiology Research

Overview Research in environmental/occupational epidemiology requires an interdisciplinary approach. To gain this perspective, students cross-train through coursework, research and other enrichment activities in ENVR/OCCUP EPID as well as in other... Read more »