The health concerns faced in the field of reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric health are among the most pressing issues of our time, both from scientific and public perspectives. The reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric epidemiology (RPPE ) program area provides students with a multidisciplinary perspective, a strong foundation in epidemiologic concepts and methods, and an understanding of the underlying biology of reproduction and childhood development and growth. The program prepares students to pursue careers in reproductive, perinatal and pediatric epidemiologic research.

Students in the program will gain an understanding of the following items

  • Basic human reproduction and child development biology
  • Clinical and health service aspects of reproductive and perinatal health
  • Social, lifestyle and environmental influences on reproductive and child health
  • Issues in measuring and interpreting studies on fertility, pregnancy and child health

Required Courses

  • EPID/MHCH 851: Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology (Julie Daniels)
  • EPID/MHCH 853: Advanced Perinatal Epidemiology (Faculty)

Recommended Courses

  • NUTR/MHCH 611: Maternal, Infant and Child Nutrition (Penny Gordon-Larsen/Amanda Holliday)
  • MHCH 716: International Family Planning (Shelah Bloom)
  • EPID/MHCH 892: Seminar on Health Disparity (Vijaya Hogan/Anissa Vines)
  • MHCH 722: Issues in International Maternal and Child Health (Kavita Ongechi)
  • EPID 757: Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries (Sharon Weir)
  • EPID 743: Genetic Epidemiology: Methods and Applications (Kari North)
  • EPID 814: Obesity Epidemiology (June Stevens)

Core Faculty

Dr. Julie Daniels: Child development, Environment, Nutrition, Reproductive health, Occupational health, Pediatric epidemiology

Dr. Tania Desrosiers: Birth defects, reproductive health, maternal and child health, environmental and occupational epidemiology

Dr. Stephanie Engel: Child development, Environment, Maternal health, Reproductive health, Occupational epidemiology

Dr. Andrew Olshan: Cancer, Child development, Environment, Genetic epidemiology, Occupational health, Reproductive health

Dr. Charles Poole: Epidemiologic Methods, Meta-Analysis

Dr. Whitney Ragan Robinson: Obesity development, Health disparities, Epidemiologic methods

Dr. Daniel Westreich: Child development, Maternal health, Reproductive health, Sexually transmitted diseases, Women’s health

Collaborating Faculty

Linda Adair: Nutrition, Fetal programming, International health
Donna Baird: Reproductive health, Fertility and early pregnancy, Epidemiology of uterine fibroids
Nancy Dole: Reproductive health, psychosocial stress
Sara Ephross: Pharmacoepidemiology, Reproductive health
Kelly Evenson: Physical activity, Cardiovascular disease, Reproductive epidemiology
Penny Gordon-Larsen: Adolescent nutrition, Built environment, Obesity
David Grimes: Contraception, Reproductive epidemiology
Amy Herring: Child development, Environment (general), Maternal health, Nutrition, Obesity, Reproductive health, Women’s health
Jon Hussey: Health disparities, Maternal/child health, Neighborhood effect, Child abuse/neglect, Drug use, Perinatal epidemiology
Michele Jonsson-Funk: Reproductive health, Pharmacoepidemiology, Epidemiologic methods
Danelle Lobdell: Reproductive health, Environmental epidemiology, Occupational epidemiology
Stephanie London: Asthma, Reproductive epidemiology, Environmental epidemiology
Matthew Longnecker: Cancer, Environmental epidemiology, Reproductive health
Stephen Marshall: Injury prevention, Violence prevention, Environmental/Occupational, Epidemiologic methods
Sandra Martin: Violence prevention, Women’s health
Michelle Mendez: Maternal health, Reproductive health, Nutrition, Obesity
Steven Meshnick: Prevention of malaria in pregnant women, Pathophysiological effects of infection on placental development
Robert Meyer: Reproductive health, Birth defects
Herbert Peterson: Contraception, Maternal/child health
Anne Steiner: Fertility, Egg donation, Polycystic ovarian disease, Fibroids, In vitro fertilization
Alison Stuebe: Gestational diabetes/weight gain, Obesity, Breastfeeding, Mastitis, Perinatal depression
John Thorp: Preterm birth, Cervical insufficiency, Clinical trials, Nutrition in pregnancy, Health disparities
Annelies Van Rie: Infectious disease, Cancer, Disabilities, Environment (air)
Claire Weinberg: Genetics, Reproductive epidemiology, Epidemiologic methods
Allen Wilcox: Fertility, Conception, Early pregnancy, Low birth weight, Environmental teratogens[/tab][/tabs]

Selected Collaborative Groups at UNC

Carolina Population Center

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