Maternal Health Learning and Innovation Center September Leadership Series: Abigail Echo-Hawk

Join the Maternal Health Learning and Innovation Center (MHLIC) for the September Leadership Series. These virtual conversations will feature practical tips and inspiration from public health leaders about the leadership skills they have built and leveraged to move initiatives forward. Three speakers will be featured in separate conversations on Sept 28, 29, 30. September 30,... Read more »

Addressing economic determinants of HIV vulnerabilities in high-risk young adults

133 Rosenau Hall (Joan Heckler Gillings Auditorium) Rosenau Hall, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Visiting from Indiana University SPH, Dr. Larissa Jennings Mayo-Wilson's research focuses on using economic-strengthening interventions, mobile health technologies, and applied behavioral economics to improve sexual and reproductive health (SRH), including HIV, in economically disadvantaged populations in the US and abroad. Her research centers on youth and young adults, people living with HIV, racial and ethnic... Read more »

Women’s Healthcare Professionals Panel

Women’s Healthcare Professionals Panel hosted by Carolina BEBEs Nov. 17, 4:30-5:30 p.m. Join the Carolina Bebes—Birth & Breastfeeding Evidence-Based Education and Support group for a panel discussion on women's healthcare... Read more »

Mobilizing African American Mothers through Empowerment

0003/0004 Michael Hooker Research Center Michael Hooker Research Center, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Join the Gillings Student Government Association (SGA) to learn more about Racism and Maternal and Child Health Outcomes. This recorded lecture will be provided by Mobilizing African American Mothers through... Read more »

Canvas Challenge Summer 2022

The Canvas Challenge is a multi-module, guided-paced course available fully online on Canvas for Gillings’ teaching faculty. The Challenge affords instructors a collaborative space to refine their pedagogical practices with... Read more »