Well Water Contaminants in North Carolina

The resources below display well water sampling data collected by the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) from October 1998 - May 2019. Search by contaminant or by county to view the concentrations of heavy metals that have been detected in private well water in each of North Carolina's 100 counties.

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For additional information on arsenic, cadmium, lead, and manganese, check out NC ENVIROSCAN. This mapping tool allows users to visualize trends, including sociodemographic information, environmental justice indicators, and health outcomes, across NC.

Data source: Eaves LA, Keil AP, Rager JE, George A, Fry RC. Analysis of the novel NCWELL database highlights two decades of co-occurrence of toxic metals in North Carolina private well water: Public health and environmental justice implications. Sci Total Environ. 2022 Mar 15;812:151479. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.151479. Epub 2021 Nov 9. PMID: 34767890.