Biostatistics core

The Biostatistics Core enhances UNC SRPs relevance to public health by maximizing the information gained from each project and enabling the use of modern bioinformatics approaches to complex data sets.

Core Leadership: Fred Wright, PhD

Our overall aims are to:

Our overall aims are to:
  • provide state-of-the-art biostatistics and bioinformatics expertise, end-user analytical support, and tool development;
  • to develop new methods and tools as necessary to address project objectives;
  • to foster a unique training environment for students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty to prepare them for the new and complex challenges presented by modern data sets.

The Core faculty and staff have a range of complementary skills that lead to unified approaches to data interpretation, integration and cross-platform analysis. Collectively, the Core:

  • supports interdisciplinary (toxicology, genetics, biostatistics, pharmocokinetic modeling) research to elucidate the genetic basis of dose-response and susceptibility;
  • develops and uses state-of-the-art statistical techniques and analysis tools for systems biology approaches;
  • identifies potential biomarkers linked to genetic differences in toxicant metabolism and/or response; and,
  • generates knowledge that is directly applicable to quantitative elucidation of risk.

The Core is involved at the earliest stages of each project, assisting investigators in each step of planning and executing the projects. Each Core faculty member is assigned a role to two projects. A staff statistician with considerable bioinformatics experience serves as a dedicated analyst, under the guidance of Core faculty members. The Core director reports to the SRP Director, and members – who already collaborate extensively – meet regularly with the investigators and with each other to plan and exchange ideas.