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Writing Professional Letters

In your professional career, you will be required to write many correspondence. One of the first you will write will be a cover letter. Other types of letters will be... Read more »

Revamp your Resume or CV

The terms resume and CV (curriculum vitae) are often used interchangeably, but sometimes employers are specific about what they are requesting. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare your skills... Read more »

References and Recommendations

When picking your references or asking for recommendations, you want to be selective and professional in dealing with those who will be providing information about you to potential employers. References... Read more »

Public Health Career Resources

The following is a partial list of public health organizations and job search resources; your employment search may generate a more comprehensive list particular to your area of interest. Public... Read more »


Networking is a great way to meet new people and form on-going professional relationships with people in your field. It can also enable you to: Learn about career opportunities Gather... Read more »

Career Services Resources

Other Resources University Career Services Handshake (UNC’s online jobs and events management portal) The Graduate School University Career Services staff are available in the SPH Office of Student Affairs, located... Read more »


Interviewing is a skill that may come naturally to some; but for others, it must be learned through repetition. Nervousness and anxiety are to be expected. Learning to embrace the... Read more »