Student Handbook - Academic Procedures and Services Across All Programs

Advising Academic advising at the Gillings School is managed individually by each academic unit. Faculty members in the Gillings School of Global Public Health are committed to providing individualized attention to students and are available to discuss research interests, course selection, career aspirations and even personal matters. We understand that students attribute much of their... Read more »

Student Handbook - About the Gillings School

Mission Statement Our mission is to improve public health, promote individual well-being and eliminate health inequities across North Carolina and around the world. Dedicated to our mission, the School is constantly moving forward to anticipate future health threats and accelerate public health solutions. Our commitment to excellence is part of everything we do – teaching,... Read more »

Student Handbook - Introduction

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, founded in 1789, is the nation’s first public university, and is also one of the most beloved and respected universities in the country. Carolina is a global higher-education leader known for innovative teaching, research and public service. A member... Read more »

Student Handbook - Welcome

Welcome to the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. You’re becoming (or continuing as) a member of the Gillings School community. We value and welcome every member of the community. We are committed to working with you to help you achieve your academic and professional goals and will do everything possible to support your... Read more »

Gillings School Student Handbook

The Gillings School student handbook is an important resource for ensuring your success at the Gillings School of Global Public Health. It is a welcome for new students and a source of information for all students. It covers major policies and procedures within the School and informs you about our history, mission and organization. It... Read more »

Gillings School Student Government Association

The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health Student Government Association (Gillings SGA) is an organization of public health student leaders spanning all departments in the School of Public Health. Gillings SGA is comprised of an executive board and representatives from each department within the School of Public Health. Our mission is to disseminate information,... Read more »

Fellowships and Internships

What is a Fellowship? A fellowship can be awarded by an institution or organization for many reasons. They can be focused around research, teaching or training. Fellowships generally are designed to advance the applicant’s knowledge in a certain area or specialization. Fellowships can be obtained as many as five years after graduation from a master’s... Read more »


Graduation Steps Graduation is a two-step process. Every student must 1) Apply to graduate in ConnnectCarolina and 2) Register for the Gillings ceremony. To get started, visit the University Registrar. Use the following website to confirm that all graduation-related items have been completed by the deadlines. To register for the ceremony, visit the commencement registration page to confirm your and your... Read more »

Visit Us

Our Visit Us page provides information about events, tours and scheduling appointments.

Writing Professional Letters

In your professional career, you will be required to write many correspondence. One of the first you will write will be a cover letter. Other types of letters will be important in the career development process as well. This section is designed to help you with some of these. Writing Cover Letters A cover letter... Read more »