Gillings School Career Services

Job Search Tools

Preparing for your job search may feel like a complicated and daunting task, but the following resources can help you to simplify the process.  To schedule an appointment to discuss any of these tips, please visit the career services website Click Here.

Getting Started

Start early — we recommend you create a draft of your resume and/or curriculum vitae during your first year. Keep this document updated with all of your research projects, class projects, employment opportunities and volunteer experiences while at school.

Preparing for your Interview

Just the thought of interviewing for a job, internship, or fellowship can make many students extremely nervous. Career Services is here to help you learn how to succeed in your interviews, from interview resources online to mock interviews.

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Meeting Employers

There are many ways to connect with employers. Visit the links below for a few ideas.

Job Offers and Salary Negotiation

The resources below may help answer many of your questions, but you’re welcome to talk with a counselor about your specific situation.

Other resources

University Career Services staff are available in the SPH Office of Student Affairs, located in 263 Rosenau Hall.