Students, faculty and alumni inducted into Theta Chapter of Delta Omega in 2005

May 03, 2005
CHAPEL HILL — The UNC School of Public Health Theta Chapter of Delta Omega, the honorary public health society, inducted 36 students, one faculty member, and four alumni into the organization this year. The inductees were recognized at the Fred T. Foard Jr. Memorial Lecture on April 20.Established in 1924, Delta Omega encourages excellence in student scholarship and research and recognizes academic and professional achievement in the field of public health. Each year, local chapters are entitled to induct up to 10 percent of the graduating class, as well as five alumni and five faculty members.

This year, Dr. Penny Gordon-Larsen, an assistant professor in the School’s Department of Nutrition, was inducted into the Theta Chapter. Student inductees this year were:

  • Joan Elisabeth Davis
  • Julie Trenter Marks
  • Natalie Marie Meador
  • Melissa Cathryn Nelson
  • Trudy Singzon
  • Wanda Smith
  • Getta McGahey
  • Caryn Morse
  • Lynanne Plummer
  • Leslie Elliott
  • Mia M. Gaudet
  • Suzanne Meredith Gilboa
  • Emily W. Harville
  • Penelope Page Howards
  • Jill Elizabeth Koshiol
  • Yeonseung Chung
  • Bradley Hammill
  • Matthew T. Richardson
  • Joachim D. Pleil
  • Aaron M.J. Law
  • Vanessa J. Pereira
  • Sacoby M. Wilson
  • B. Covington Brown
  • Embrey L. Bronstad
  • Aaron D. Archer
  • Karen Isaacs
  • Mariana Garrettson
  • Melissa Gilkey
  • Renee Johnson
  • Annice Kim
  • James Thrasher
  • Katie Sterba
  • Alicia Lincoln
  • Susan Marshall
  • Anna Kole
  • Marcel Yotebieng

Alumni inductees this year were:

  • Susan Steck Scott
  • Sherry Leigh Farr
  • Marquis Eure
  • Mary Rose Tully

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