This page provides resources and materials pertaining to requesting a new Source.

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To request a new source:
Main Menu → Finance Menu → UNC Campus → Source Create → Source Request → Add/Change Source





Entering Source Chartfield Value Requests webinar (~38 mins) This webinar walks through the Source value request form and the associated documentation required.
UNC Finance – Source Create Resources Resource documents discussed in the webinar are linked from the Finance page.
Procedure on Establishing, Modifying and Closing an Institutional Trust or Special Fund Source This page covers the process to create, modify and close trust funds as well as the relevant forms and instructions.
Requesting New Chartfield Values After completing the CBT you will understand how to request a new chartfield, understand the Source Request process and learn how to enter a Source chartfield request, and know when a new chartfield is available for use in the system.
Requesting a Change to a Source This document outlines the steps to change details attributed to a source such as changing the responsible person or disbursing authority names or contact info.
Source Modification Checklist (205.3.1f) This checklist will help you prepare prior to submitting a Source Modification Request.
Source Deactivation Checklist (205.3.2f) This checklist will help you prepare prior to submitting a Source Deactivation Request.

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