These resources are available to help you understand how to find information in ConnectCarolina and Infoporte.



Infoporte Reporting Overview This is a reasonably comprehensive guide to key Finance reporting needs mainly covering how to find balances in ConnectCarolina and Infoporte and how to download transactions.
Summary of Reporting Options This is an extract of pages 3-4 from the Infoporte Reporting Overview summarizing the 3 major options available for reporting under ConnectCarolina and Infoporte.
Budget Definitions (for SPH) This is an appendix to the Infoporte Reporting Options document. Be sure to keep the budget definitions handy as reporting in ConnectCarolina and Infoporte mirrors how transactions are captured in Commitment Control.
Month-End and Year-End Resources Resources to help you learn how to close out a month and the fiscal year in ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte.
Queries for Month-End and Year-End Close Helpful queries to close out a month and the fiscal year in ConnectCarolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please email We will obtain answers for you and update this page.

1. Why do my trust balances look off when I run a Budget Overview?

The Infoporte SAS report – Funding Balance Report – is the ONLY place where you can find appropriate trust balances (for cash-direct spending accounts). Please refer to the Trust section of the Infoporte Reporting Overview.

2. When running a budget overview, why do I get no data?

Please refer back to the budget definition. You are probably not entering parameters at the right rollup or detail level for either a fund or an account.

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