This page provides resources and training materials pertaining to the Campus Vendor module, which encompasses new vendor requests, changes to vendor details, and independent contractor requests.

Menu Paths

To see if a supplier (aka: vendor) exists in the payment system:
Admin WorkCenter → Finance WorkCenter → Accounts Payable → Campus Supplier → Find Existing

To request a new supplier profile or request a change to a supplier profile:
Admin WorkCenter → Finance WorkCenter → Accounts Payable → Campus Supplier

To request a new independent contractor:
Admin WorkCenter → Finance WorkCenter → Accounts Payable → Independent Contractor




Requesting Suppliers and Independent Contractors Guide The Suppliers and Independent Contractors Guide covers how to request a new supplier/independent contractor (IC), request changes to how the supplier/IC is set up, work with foreign suppliers and wire transfers, and complete the new IC predetermination process.
Suppliers and Independent Contractor Forms The Suppliers and Independent Contractors process facilitates the creation of new suppliers and updates to existing suppliers in Connect Carolina. This page has several resources to help you gather the appropriate information/documentation.
Requesting Changes to a Supplier Address and Payment Methods QRC
The Quick Reference Card (QRC) provides very detailed step-by-step and screenshot-by-screenshot explanations to request changes and update payment methods for suppliers.
Changes When Updating a Supplier’s Banking Information
To better secure supplier information, you will need to verbally confirm the change before updating bank accounts.
Travel and Reimbursement Overview for Guests, Independent Contractors (IC), and Outside Party Individuals (OPI)
This reference guide provides an overview of the process of setting up guests as independent contractors or outside party individuals so the University can book their travel/accommodations and reimburse them for out-of-pocket travel-related expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I input a company name that is “DBA” (doing business as) or “c/o” another organization?

The vendor coordinator has specified that these such names should be input in the following format ALL in the “Vendor Name” field:
[name 1] DBA [name 2] (for example: John Smith DBA Smith Photographic Productions)
[name 2] c/o [name 2] (for example: Centerpiece Productions c/o The Thursday Center)

Do not put any part of the name in the Address lines like the old convention. Since the Vendor Name field is limited to 40 characters, the company name might be too long to fit. In this case, clearly indicate the full name somewhere in the attachments and the vendor coordinator will note it. Behind the scenes, the vendor coordinator has access to a “Name 2” field not visible to campus users. The project team will work to enable this field for campus users to be able to wrap long names to the Name 2 field. This will probably not be in place until next January. The following screenshot reiterates these points.

How do I add ACH information for a vendor?

Recall that to request changes to a vendor, you still go into Campus Vendor and “Add a New Value”. Find the vendor that you’d like to update by typing in the TIN/PID or by searching it. To update a vendor record, you only need to add the new information: choose “ACH” from the Payment Method dropdown menu. Before you submit the request, be sure to complete all the detail in the “Bank Information” page or you will run into an error. See the screenshot below for the placement of these items.

2. I had just paid a vendor in September in FRS but I can’t find the vendor in ConnectCarolina. What should I do?

There were some conversion issues of the vendor table, so the first thing to do is to verify that the vendor exists in the Vendor Table. Be sure to go directly into the vendor table (menu path below) and not the UNC Campus Vendor module:
Main Menu → Vendors → Vendor Information → Add/Update → Review Vendors

If the vendor exists, it will have a Vendor ID. Copy the Vendor ID down and put in a help ticket so the analysts can ensure that vendor is linked up properly in the system. There were particular problems with certain employee vendors whose PIDs were not linking up probably within the tables.

However, if the vendor does not exist in the vendor table, then it must be added. Unfortunately, it was dropped between the system conversion and you will have to re-add the vendor in ConnectCarolina by initiating a new vendor request.

3. How do I request an independent contractor that is not a US citizen and the person does not have an SSN?

You will need to do this outside of PeopleSoft. Please complete this Foreign Vendor Creation Form. At the bottom of a form is a “Submit” button – clicking this button automatically emails the form to the Vendor Coordinator.

4. What are the documentation requirements?

You should be attaching similar documentation as you used to do in the old system. Here is a summary:

    • New external vendors – W-9 Form, copy of invoice. External vendors also require two addresses: a “remit to” address and an “order from” address. If one address applies to these two functions, please check off the appropriate boxes on the address form as pictured below (click to enlarge).
  • New internal vendors (students or employees) – a copy of the OneCard
  • New independent contractors (<$10k) – W-9 Form, Independent Contractor Determination Checklist, Page 4 of the background check (the page with the “clear” and “not clear” check boxes).
  • New independent contractors (>$10k) – W-9 Form, Independent Contractor Determination Checklist, Page 4 of the background check (the page with the “clear” and “not clear” check boxes), Independent Contractor service agreement, Waiver of Competition, Sole Source Justification and Statement of Work.
5. Is it necessary to submit a change request to the details of an employee vendor? Wouldn’t this information be pulled from payroll?

No, the only data that is automatically pulled from payroll is employee banking information. Name and address changes on an employee vendor need to be submitted as a change request through the Vendor system.

6. Will notification be provided when a vendor is approved by the Vendor Coordinator?

Yes, the request will get an email from the vendor coordinator once the vendor has been either approved or denied.

7. In the old independent contractor process, we always blacked out the SSN in the Independent Contractor Determination Checklist before faxing it. In ConnectCarolina, should we still do this?

ConnectCarolina is a secure environment and therefore it is not necessary to manually black out the SSN written on an IC Determination Checklist. However, in the process of scanning and attaching the IDC to ConnectCarolina, you will probably end up with a local copy in your email or on your computer – be sure to delete that copy from your email or your computer after the document is properly uploaded and submitted through ConnectCarolina.
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