Research, Innovation and Global Soltuions

Julie MacMillan Managing Director


Global Health

Margaret Bentley Associate Dean for Global Health

Naya Villarreal Global Health Program Coordinator

Dr. Dilshad Jaff

Dilshad Jaff Program Coordinator for Solutions to Complex Emergencies

Research and Innovation

Penny Gordon-Larsen Associate Dean for Research

Christin Daniels Senior Director for Research and Innovation

Anne Cabell Associate Director for Research and Innovation





Office Hours for Penny Gordon-Larsen

Monday mornings 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. is open for booking time

- Feel free to book time to discuss any research or career related discussion, including finding collaborators, mentoring, review of Aims, research pitches, etc.

- You are also welcome to email your Aims Page or ideas for review and/or questions:


Elisia Black Administrative Assistant

Gillings Visiting Professors

Leah Devlin Gillings Visiting Professor

Don Holzworth Gillings Visiting Professor

Shelia Leatherman Gillings Visiting Professor