Moorhead Zoom Room (231 Rosenau Hall)

Conference Space Information

The Moorhead Zoom Room, located at 231 Rosenau Hall, is a designed space with integrated Zoom remote conferencing technology. Due to the limited conferencing facilities in the school, this space is primarily used for remote conferencing and recording purposes.

Size (sq ft): 192
Seats: 7 (movable chairs)

Installed Technology

  • 55” NEC Monitors (x2)
  • Touchscreen Zoom Room Controller
  • HDMI cable with mini-display adapter (for wired HDMI laptop connection)
  • Logitech MeetUp Camera
  • Dell Mini PC (Zoom Room Application installed. No other PC Functionality.)
  • Room Whiteboard

Room Equipment Instructions

Read the Room Equipment Instructions (PDF) for help with managing the room control panel. Please contact Audiovisual Services, (919) 966–6536, for additional questions or to schedule a room demonstration.

Room Images

Moorhead Zoom Room (231 Rosenau Hall ) Moorhead Zoom Room (231 Rosenau Hall )[/caption]