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Gillings MPH Core: The latest news

Draft timeline for collecting feedback and implementing the integrated MPH/MSPH Core

Draft timeline for collecting feedback and implementing the Gillings MPH Core (Select image for full size.)

Building upon the recommendations of the Planning Committee, the MPH Core Implementation  Committee was formed in spring 2016 to begin designing the elements of the new curriculum. The committee draws upon the rich experience of faculty representatives from each department to develop a curriculum that will introduce students to a wide range of topics and skills in public health, preparing them for continued success in their degrees at Gillings and for competitive careers following graduation. Elements of the integrated core include:

  • An online acceleration camp prior to students’ first semester at Gillings to outline expectations, provide resources and support, and ensure all students are prepared for the challenging coursework of the top public school of public health in the country
  • A two-semester series of interconnected courses draws on public health principles, methods and evidence to help students develop the skills they need to work in inter-disciplinary teams to address current and emerging public health problems. Specifically, students will be able to:
    • Define and measure public health problems in specific contexts; identify key determinants of those problems; and understand aspects of communities, governments and public health systems that can be leveraged to solve them
    • Identify, prioritize, develop, manage and evaluate strategies to solve public health problems
    • Effectively communicate information about public health problems and potential solutions with the public, policymakers, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and public health colleagues

Key deliverables drafted by the implementation committee are summarized in the below poster, presented at the 2017 ASPPH Annual Meeting in Arlington, Virginia.

MPH Core ASPPH Poster 2017-03-10

What’s next?

  • While the broad elements of the curriculum have been identified, specific details are still being finalized
  • The integrated core will be implemented for students enrolling in fall 2018, and will be evaluated and further refined in subsequent years

How can I participate in this process?

  • Every department has a representative on the committee; check the image below to see who your representative is, and reach out to them with questions and comments!
Meet the members of the Gillings Integrated MPH/MSPH Core Implementation and Evaluation Committee!

Meet the members of the Gillings MPH Core Implementation Committee! (Select image for full size.)