Leadership Reports

Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence (SABI) produces many reports each year, many of which are confidential in nature. The distribution level of those reports is determined, in consultation with School leadership, by the nature of the reports and their intended audience.

Confidential reports are distributed to their intended audience via Tableau dashboards available through the links below, which can be accessed using your onyen and password. Access is available to employees who require such information as part of their job function and where their access is vital for conducting School-related business.

Confidential reports should not be shared with nor distributed to those who do not have direct access to them. If you are unsure whether you can share a report, please contact SABI_gillings@unc.edu.


These dashboards include official reporting information for completed admissions cycles.

Internal Preliminary Admissions Report
These dashboards include admissions information for current admissions cycles as well as comparative information from past admissions cycles.

MPH@UNC Admissions and Enrollment These dashboards include admissions and enrollment information for the year-round MPH@UNC schedule.

SOPHAS Preliminary Residential MPH
These dashboards include admissions information for current admissions cycles using SOPHAS application data.


These dashboards include admissions and enrollment information from ASPPH.

ASPPH Faculty Production
These dashboards include faculty information from ASPPH.


SABI Data Collection Calendar
This dashboard includes the schedule of the data collection and archiving schedule for SABI.

Course Evaluations

These dashboards include course evaluation trends and performance. This information is strictly confidential and only available for leadership.


Diversity All
These dashboards include an overall look at diversity trends at Gillings including graduation rates, enrollment, and admissions.

Diversity Graduation Rates
These dashboards include graduation rates by demographic group.

UNC Gillings Demographics Data
These dashboards include one-page sheets with snapshots of student enrollment by degree level with special looks at the MPH program as well as faculty and staff demographics.


These dashboards include official reporting numbers for student enrollment based on Gillings census.

------ Course Lists
These dashboards include information about Gillings course offerings

------ Enrolled Student Email List
This explorer can be to generate email lists for enrolled students in the current semester by academic plan or delivery


Faculty Resources
These dashboards include demographic information for Gillings primary faculty.

Faculty Salary
These dashboards include salary information for Gillings faculty. This information is confidential and only available to leadership.

Faculty Service and Practice
These dashboards include information about service and practice activities completed by Gillings faculty as submitted during the annual LIFT survey.


Graduate Outcomes
This dashboard includes results from the Gillings first destination survey.

Graduation Rates
This dashboard includes graduation rates by program.


MPH@UNC Current Term Registrations This dashboard includes information about current term enrollment in MPH@UNC.

MPH@UNC Student Tracking and Course Planner
This dashboard includes the MPH@UNC student course enrollment information.


These dashboards provide demographic information for full-time, permanent Gillings staff.

Student Meeting Times Explorer

This explorer can be used to view the number of students in classes at various times and the availability of large classrooms.


SPH Research Awards This dashboard provides aggregate information Gillings about research awards and proposals for Fiscal Year 22

------ Research Quarterly Report This dashboard provides summary information about proposals and grants on a quarterly basis