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About Us

The Health Affairs Interprofessional Education Steering Committee was established in Spring 2016 as a subgroup of the Health Affairs Collaborative to advance Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Collaboration (IPC) through all schools. More information can be found on UNC-Chapel Hill’s IPE page.

Gillings School of Global Public Health Members

Lorraine Alexander
Amanda Holliday

Our Goal

Our goal is to have IPE/IPC opportunities reach all students. Specifically, this committee aims to:

  • Examine accreditation standards and strategize ways to introduce IPE to meet competencies for each school, providing a unified approach.
  • Develop a strategic plan for IPE implementation.
  • Serve as a liaison to the schools to connect faculty for IPE activities.
  • Articulate a clear outcome vision for students exposed to IPE.
  • Ensures that IPE content matches appropriate learning need for students.
  • Prioritize IPE initiatives and match them to competencies for learning need.

Our Process

To achieve these goals, the IPE Steering Committee has drafted a process for IPE and IPC. It is important that all activities go through this process so it can be captured in the IPE repository and recorded for accreditation purposes:

  • Faculty/PI notifies IPE Steering Committee of concept or IPE/IPC opportunity through our contact form.
  • Email is checked weekly and information is shared to the appropriate IPE Director for dissemination through their respective school.
  • If the opportunity warrants further discussion, the IPE Steering Committee will discuss the collaboration during bimonthly steering committee meeting.
    • A timeline is established to connect students/faculty with collaborators.
    • If the event is not budget neutral, IPE steering committee members will work with faculty/staff to present offering to respective Health Affairs Collaborative/leaders for approval.
    • Announcements of event are disseminated through newsletter (coming soon), Twitter, and other communication methods
  • Collaborators provide feedback to the Steering Committee in order to debrief efficiency of process and next steps.
  • Collaborators will present their work to the IPE steering committee as well as social media outlets.