Gillings MPH Core

Welcome to the Gillings MPH Core!

The Gillings MPH Core is the center piece of our new Gillings One MPH – a single, integrated Master of Public Health curriculum that spans departments and concentrations. Created by diverse group of students, faculty and staff, the Gillings MPH Core has been designed to teach students to identify, understand and solve public health problems in interprofessional teams.

Among the features of the Gillings One MPH is an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes foundational concepts, vital critical thinking skills and leadership training. Built into the core are exciting opportunities to do work in the kinds of settings and structures that students will encounter in their professional lives.

The curriculum also features a semester-long project where students will apply what they’ve learned to create solutions for real-world problems that are affecting public health today.

Throughout the 2-semester experience, students learn skills and core competencies that they can apply in global and local contexts, including the importance of humility and cultural competency in addressing health disparities.

What does this all mean for your course schedule?

The Gillings MPH Core is a 2-semester, 12-credit integrated curriculum that draws on essential public health principles, methods and evidence. Taught by an interdisciplinary team of instructors, the Gillings MPH Core spans disciplines to teach students how to identify, understand and solve public health problems.

During the fall semester, students focus on identifying, describing and prioritizing public health issues. In the spring semester, students work on developing and communicating public health solutions. In both semesters, students take part in interdepartmental team projects, including a white paper and presentation in the fall and a proposed solution to a public health problem in the spring.


We’ve also created an optional (but strongly encouraged) online orientation program called COMPASS (PDF) that will help students navigate their way more easily through the MPH core.

Course Schedule

You can see all the Gillings MPH Core fall and spring semester schedules online (PDF).

The MPH Core fall schedule. The MPH Core spring schedule.


Have a question? Check the Gillings MPH Core FAQs document (PDF).


Questions? Contact Pamela Lee,, for more information.