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Dean's Council at the Gillings School


The Dean’s Council is broadly representative of academic and administrative leadership of the Gillings School and includes: the dean; department chairs, the vice dean; all assistant and associate deans; directors of programs and units that serve all parts of the Gillings School; and representatives of student government and the Minority Student Caucus.

The Dean’s Council meets bi-monthly and is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Establishes strategic directions
  • Makes policy recommendations
  • Approves directions in high-impact areas affecting many or all parts of the School
  • Develops, approves, reviews and provides feedback on Gillings School CEPH metrics and advises on potential remedies in cases of underperformance
  • Recommends strategies to enhance diversity and inclusion at the Gillings School
  • Reviews and votes on memoranda of understanding
  • Advises on fundraising directions
  • Serves as a sounding board on important issues facing the Gillings School, including those related to students, and recommending appropriate actions

Dean of the Gillings School of Public Health
Department Chairs
Academics and Practice
Student Representatives

Dean Barbara K. Rimer

Barbara K. Rimer

Dean of the Gillings School of Global Public Health

Barbara K. Rimer, DrPH, MPH
Dean and Alumni Distinguished Professor
170 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Angelica Figueroa

Department Chairs

As leaders of and advocates for their departments, chairs bring a unique set of perspectives and concerns to the dean’s council. By definition, each department chair:

  • Provides vision and leadership for departmental research, service and academic programs
  • Manages departmental administrative functions
  • Leads departmental faculty and staff
  • Facilitates funding from a variety of sources
  • Oversees research, grants and centers
  • Connects to alumni and donors
  • Promotes and nurtures diversity and inclusion
  • Provides leadership for all student functions

The Gillings School’s Chairs’ Committee, composed of the leaders of all eight academic units in the Gillings School, meets monthly and is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Makes decisions on academic policies under School jurisdiction
  • Guides and votes on the School’s allocation model and revisions to it for state budget
  • Considers issues with schoolwide relevance to the academic mission
  • Reviews, and makes funding decisions about, applications for Gillings Innovation Labs
  • Reviews and approves new academic directions
Dr. Lisa LaVange

Lisa LaVange


Lisa LaVange, PhD
Chair and Professor, Biostatistics

Assistant: Betsy Seagroves

Dr. Barbara Turpin

Barbara Turpin

Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Barbara J. Turpin, PhD
Chair and Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering
166c Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Rhoda Cerny

Dr. Til Stürmer

Til Stürmer


Til Stürmer, MD, PhD
Chair and Nancy A. Dreyer Distinguished Professor, Epidemiology
2101b McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Chandra Caldwell

Dr. Kurt Ribisl

Kurt Ribisl

Health Behavior

Kurt Ribisl, PhD
Chair and Jo Anne Earp Distinguished Professor, Health Behavior
303 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Darlene Laws

Dr. Morris Weinberger

Morris Weinberger

Health Policy and Management

Morris Weinberger, PhD
Chair and Vergil N. Slee Distinguished Professor, Health Policy and Management
1105B McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Stephanie Forman

Carolyn Halpern

Maternal and Child Health

Carolyn Halpern, PhD
Chair and Professor, Maternal and Child Health
401 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Julie Theriault, MA

Dr. Elizabeth Mayer Davis

Beth Mayer-Davis


Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, PhD
Chair and Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor, Nutrition
245c McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Rachel Thimke

Anna Schenck

Public Health Leadership Program

Anna Schenck, PhD
Director and Professor of the Practice of Public Health, Public Health Leadership Program
4103 McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Chantal Donaghy

Academics and Practice

Laura Linnan

Laura Linnan

Academic Affairs

Laura Linnan, ScD
Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs and Professor, Health Behavior
307 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Yasemin Garber

Suzanne Maman

Suzanne Maman

Global Health

Suzanne Maman, PhD
Associate Dean for Global Health and Professor, Health Behavior
331A Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Elisia Black

Dr. Anna Schenck

Anna Schenck


Anna Schenck, PhD
Associate Dean for Practice
4103 McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Chantal Donaghy

Doug Urland

Doug Urland

North Carolina Institute for Public Health (NCIPH)

Doug Urland, MPA
Director, North Carolina Institute for Public Health
213 Rosenau Hall

Penny Gordon-Larsen

Penny Gordon-Larsen

Research, Innovation and Global Solutions

Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD
Associate Dean for Research; Carla Smith Chamblee Distinguished Professor of Global Nutrition
Building C, Suite 210, Room 2123
123 W. Franklin Street

Office of Research Director: Alexia Kelley

Julie MacMillan, MPH

Julie MacMillan

Julie MacMillan, MPH
Managing Director for Research, Innovation and Global Solutions
104 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Elisia Black

Charletta Sims Evans

Charletta Sims Evans

Student Affairs

Charletta Sims Evans, MEd
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
263b Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Deshana Cabasan-Hunte


Taya Jackson Scott

Taya Jackson Scott

Vice Dean

Taya Jackson-Scott, EdD
Vice Dean

170 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Yasmin Hill

Karissa Grasty

Karissa Grasty


Karissa Grasty
Associate Dean for Advancement
107B Rosenau Hall

Graduate Assistant: Rebekah Appleton

Matthew Chamberlin

Matthew Chamberlin

Communications and Marketing

Matthew Chamberlin
Director of Communications and Marketing
110 Rosenau Hall

Jeffrey Simms

Jeffrey Simms

Inclusive Excellence

Jeffrey Simms, MSPH
Interim Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence
114 Rosenau Hall

Katie Thornsvard

Katie Thornsvard


Katie Thornsvard, MAC
Associate Dean of Business and Finance
207-B Rosenau Hall

Gretchen Marie Senez

Gretchen Marie Senez

Human Resources

Gretchen Marie Senez, MS
Assistant Dean of Human Resources
212 Rosenau Hall

Kathy Anderson

Kathy Anderson

Instructional and Information Systems (IIS)

Kathy Anderson, PhD
Associate Dean for Information Technology and Planning
219B Rosenau Hall

Dr. Deytia Lima Rojas

Deytia Lima Rojas

Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence

Deytia Lima Rojas, PhD
Director for Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence
and Business Intelligence

126 Rosenau Hall

Elizabeth French

Elizabeth French

Strategic Initiatives

Elizabeth French, MA
Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives;
Adjunct Instructor
138 Rosenau Hall

Student Representatives

Vanessa Amankwaa
Co-President, SPH Minority Student Caucus

Sophie To, MPH
Co-President, SPH Minority Student Caucus

David Gaviria

David Gaviria

David Gaviria
Co-President, SPH Student Government

Julia Nevison

Julia Nevison

Julia Nevison
Co-President, SPH Student Government