Course evaluations are managed online at UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health.

For faculty
For students

Here is what you need to know:

  • The School is using an online system called “Class Climate.” The list of questions has been prepared by the Academic Programs Committee, with input from faculty in each department. The Dean, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and all Department Chairs have approved the list of questions for all courses being offered in their departments.
  • The system allows for the evaluation of co-instructors and teaching assistants (TAs). Please inform your student services managers if your course has multiple instructors. There are two questions related to TAs; one specific and the open ended that students may write comments specific to each TA in the course if necessary
  • Online course evaluations will be live during the last two weeks of classes. Students will receive several automated e-mails with an embedded link from the system. All the student has to do is click the link and fill out the evaluation from a laptop or desktop.
  • Instructors should provide students with at least 15 minutes of class time to complete the evaluation during the open period or at the very least on the last day class is scheduled to meet.
  • Inform students early in the semester about the online course evaluation system, including it in your syllabus as part of the calendar of events and/or as an expectation of students in the course. If they hear that you incorporate their feedback into future courses they are more likely to complete the evaluation.
  • Results will be sent directly to faculty members and departmental chair when exams are over and grades have been completed for all courses.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to conduct a mid-semester evaluation in their courses using qualtrics or any other method in order to make changes that could improve the instruction and format of the course during the semester.

Students participation is a very important way to communicate to the School what we are doing well and what needs some work.

Here is some information about online course evaluations:

  • Your feedback remains anonymous.
  • Evaluations will be online during the last two weeks of each semester.
  • You will receive several emails (from with an embedded link. All you have to do is click the link, and fill out the evaluation from your laptop or desktop.
  • Instructors should provide you with at least 15 minutes of class time on the last day your class is scheduled to meet.
  • The evaluation system closes on the last day of class because we feel it is important to have students evaluation courses before final exam and grades are given.

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