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Chairs' Committee at the Gillings School

About Us

The Gillings School of Global Public Health’s chairs’ committee consists of department chairs, the director of the Public Health Leadership Program (PHLP), the dean, the vice dean and the senior associate dean for academic and student affairs. It has been chaired by a department chair, selected by the dean, with concurrence of chairs’ committee members.

The committee meets monthly and is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Guides allocation model for state budget
  • Considers academic issues
  • Makes decisions on academic policies under the jurisdiction of the School
  • Reviews and approves new academic directions
  • Reviews and recommends applications for Gillings Innovation Labs
  • Serves as a sounding board on important School issues relevant to the academic mission



Dean’s Office

Dr. Barbara K. Rimer

Dean Barbara K. Rimer

Barbara K. Rimer, DrPH, MPH
Dean and Alumni Distinguished Professor
170 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Angelica Figueroa

Taya Jackson Scott

Dr. Taya Jackson Scott

Taya Jackson Scott, EdD
Vice Dean
170 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Yasmin Hill

Academic Affairs

Laura Linnan

Dr. Laura Linnan

Laura Linnan, ScD
Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs; Professor, Health Behavior
307 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Yasemin Garber

Dr. Dana Rice

Dr. Dana Rice

Dana Rice, DrPH
Assistant Dean of Master’s Degree Programs; Assistant Professor, Public Health Leadership


Dr. Lisa LaVange

Dr. Lisa LaVange

Lisa LaVange, PhD
Chair and Professor, Biostatistics
3101b McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Betsy Seagroves

Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Dr. Barbara Turpin

Dr. Barbara Turpin

Barbara J. Turpin, PhD
Chair and Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering
166c Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Rhoda Cerny


Dr. Til Stürmer

Dr. Til Stürmer

Til Stürmer, MD, PhD
Chair and Nancy A. Dreyer Distinguished Professor, Epidemiology
2101b McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Chandra Caldwell

Health Behavior

Dr. Kurt Ribisl

Dr. Kurt Ribisl

Kurt Ribisl, PhD
Chair and Professor, Health Behavior
303 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Darlene Laws

Health Policy and Management

Dr. Morris Weinberger

Dr. Morris Weinberger

Morris Weinberger, PhD
Chair and Vergil N. Slee Distinguished Professor, Health Policy and Management
1105B McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Stephanie Forman

Maternal and Child Health

Dr. Carolyn Halpern

Carolyn Halpern, PhD
Chair and Professor, Maternal and Child Health
401 Rosenau Hall

Assistant: Julie Theriault, MA


Dr. Elizabeth Mayer Davis

Dr. Beth Mayer-Davis

Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, PhD
Chair and Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor, Nutrition
245c McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Anne Belote

Public Health Leadership Program

Dr. Anna Schenck

Anna Schenck, PhD
Director and Professor of the Practice of Public Health, Public Health Leadership Program
4103 McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Assistant: Chantal Donaghy