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Celebrate Teaching!: Cultivating Inclusive Classrooms
Friday, January 27, 2017
12:15–1:30 p.m.
2306 McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Dr. Kelly Hogan (standing) teaches students in a large, packed auditorium.

Dr. Kelly Hogan (standing) specializes in inclusive teaching techniques. She, along with Dr. Viji Sathy, presented an interactive talk on Jan. 27.

Kelly Hogan, PhD, director of the Office of Instructional Innovation at the College of Arts & Sciences and Viji Sathy, PhD, senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology and program evaluator for the Chancellor’s Science Scholars presented an interactive talk on “Cultivating Inclusive Classrooms.”
Dr. Hogan and Dr. Sathy have each taught thousands of students during their time at UNC. Both specialize in inclusive teaching techniques in the large lecture class. During this discussion, they provided scenarios that demonstrated reasons to re-imagine course design and the techniques used in the classroom environment. They discussed practical tips to create a more structured, inclusive class, and shared data on how structured course designs and classroom environments have had positive learning outcomes for all, especially for certain student groups.


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