APT Sub-Committee Assignments

APT Assignments Process:1. After the Chair of the APT pre-reviews applications from the different departments in the SPH, the Chair then identifies committee members whose training and work align with that of the different applicants. This process allows for assigning a sub-committee consisting of a primary and secondary reviewer for each application.

2. Because of the range of departments and work of professors in the SPH, when the first step cannot be achieved, the Chair of the APT assigns sub-committee reviewers according to the number of reviews each member has done over time.

3. The HR Manager provides the Chair of the APT with a spreadsheet that records the number and types of reviews that each member of the APT has done over time. This spreadsheet provides a record for all involved to keep track of reviews.

4. No member of the Committee is assigned an application from their home department.

5. All sub-committee reviews should be uploaded to Sakai or sent electronically to the Chair of the APT, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and HR Manager at least 3 days before the APT meeting. Please note that the sub-committee reviews should follow the template provided for reviews.

6. Each reviewer (primary & secondary) is expected to provide an oral presentation (about 10 minutes) of their reviews at the APT Committee meeting. If you are unable to attend the actual APT meeting, arrangements could be made ahead of time for a telephone conference call into the APT meeting.