SPHG 780 - Public Health Entrepreneurship

Dr. Alice Ammerman (left) examines fresh eggs from Brinkley Farms, for sale at the Carrboro Farmers Market. Jared McGuirt looks on, while Larissa Calancie studies the produce table. (Photo by Brian Strickland)

Public Health Entrepreneurship (SPHG 780) provides an opportunity for students to learn how entrepreneurial approaches can be applied to public health challenges, and to develop entrepreneurial problem-solving skills.

The innovative and sustainable nature of entrepreneurial pursuit can benefit public health initiatives, especially when entrepreneurship identifies economically self-sustaining solutions to public health challenges. This three-credit course will introduce students to basic concepts and case studies of social entrepreneurship as applied to the pursuit of public health through both for -profit and non-profit entities.  This course features many guest speakers with successful experience in public health entrepreneurship in diverse arenas.  At the core of this course is a real-world project on which students will work in groups to design their own startups, refining both their idea throughout the semester and pitching it to experienced entrepreneurs for feedback.   See https://sph.unc.edu/research/sphg780/ for more information.

What Students Have to Say about SPHG 780:
"Hearing from nutritionists, marketing professionals, successful entrepreneurs and health care professionals gave me a view of just how big the field of public health entrepreneurship is, and [how there are] tons of opportunities to help the world through many different types of ventures..."
Who should take this course?
  • Any student (undergraduate or graduate), faculty, or staff member that is interested in applying entrepreneurial approach to public health challenges
  • Students enrolled in the entrepreneurship minor with an interest in health and/or social entrepreneurship
Course credits:
  • 3 credits
  • Auditing– OK with permission of instructor
Where and when does this course meet?
  • Offered: Spring 2018
  • Time:  Mondays from 4:40 pm – 7:40 pm
  • Location: McGavran-Greenberg 2308
  • Process for registration: Please contact Greg Bocchino if you need assistance registering for this course.
For more information, please contact: