Research Council

Research is a major activity at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. External grants and contracts account for the majority of the School’s funding. The School’s Research Council was established in 1999 to discuss strategic planning and outcomes for research matters throughout the School. Since 2008, the Council worked to help establish and renew research Objectives and Metrics for CEPH accreditation.

General Charge
The Research Council shall focus on efforts and activities that will enhance the Gillings School research environment. These efforts include advising on research goals, objectives and metrics for CEPH accreditation. The Council shall assist with internal research grant review processes such as Gillings Innovation Labs, and limited-submission opportunities where our School can put forth a limited number of nominees. The Council also pilots and provides feedback on new research information systems and tools (e.g. REACH NC, Curvita). Members of the Council may be called upon to assist in other research procedures or initiatives as needed. The Council accomplishes its tasks via face-to-face meetings on an as-needed basis or by electronic correspondence.

Membership Composition
The Research Council is chaired by the Associate Dean for Research. As his/her deputy, the Gillings School Director of Research assists with leadership duties as requested. Other voting members are faculty members, one from each academic department or unit.

Committee Roster


Committee Roster


Sandra Martin, PhD
Associate Dean for Research, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Professor, Maternal and Child Health

SPH Members

Noel Brewer, PhD
Associate Professor, Health Behavior

Lori Carter-Edwards, PhD
Research Associate Professor, Public Health Leadership Program
Research Associate Professor, Health Behavior

Rosalind Coleman, MD
Professor, Nutrition

Sian Curtis, PhD
Research Associate Professor, Maternal and Child Health

Christin Daniels, MA
Director of Research, Gillings School of Global Public Health

Anastasia Ivanova, PhD
Associate Professor, Biostatistics

Leena Nylander-French, PhD
Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering

George Pink, PhD
Professor, Health Policy and Management

David Weber, MD
Professor, Epidemiology