General Charge

Priorities for 2019 include: planning strategic research initiatives and revenue strategies; developing early‐career faculty; enhancing the connection of research to training, teaching, service; advising on research goals, objectives and metrics; conducting grant review processes for Gillings Innovation Labs and limited‐submission opportunities; serving as a sounding board for the formulation of large research proposals; serving as “audience” for practice pitches and other strategic presentations; and providing feedback on new research information systems, communication tactics and other research tools. The Council meets 6-9 times a year and corresponds electronically to accomplish its tasks.

Membership Composition

The Associate Dean for Research chairs the Research Council. Other members are faculty members, one from each department, one representing internal Centers/Institutes, one representing external Centers/Institutes and the Senior Director of Research and Innovation.

Committee Roster


Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD, Associate Dean for Research, Professor, Department of Nutrition


Lori Carter-Edwards, PhD, Associate Professor, Public Health Leadership Program

Rebecca Fry, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Mark Holmes, PhD, Director and Professor, Cecil B. Sheps Center

Michael Hudgens, PhD, Professor, Biostatistics

Kari North, PhD, Professor, Epidemiology

Nora Rosenberg, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Behavior

Raz Shaikh, PhD, Associate Professor, Nutrition

Christopher Shea, PhD, Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management

Ilene Speizer, PhD, Professor, Maternal and Child Health

Melissa Troester, PhD, Director and Professor, Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility