Please note that we are currently restructuring our proposal editing support. If you questions or specific editing needs, please contact

About our department
The Gillings School Research Unit now offers free editorial services for grant applications. These services are now available to both faculty and postdocs. The services we offer range from grammatical revisions and proof-reading to deeper editing for appropriate and effective language, style, and document structure.

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What services are available?

  • Proofreading (light editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, typographical errors, etc.). 
  • Editing (revising word choice, flow, style, sentence structure, and paragraph organization; identifying inconsistencies). 
  • Formatting (improving formatting and headings, formatting to agency guidelines, reducing word count, proofing images/legends – add 1-2 days to your deadline). 
  • Alignment with sponsor requirements. 

This service does NOT include budget reviews, although budget justifications can be included for editing. 


How are these services requested?

Fill out the online form to request editing services. After submission of the form, you will need to send a copy of the documents to be edited to


When do I need to submit my request?

As soon as possible! During periods of high demand we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Edit TypeTime Considerations
Proofreading or Light EditingGenerally, any request must be at least one week prior to your deadline
Full EditDrafts should be submitted two full calendar weeks in advance of your deadline if a full edit is requested.
Notification of Sufficient timeYou will be notified at the time of submission if there is sufficient time to review the document prior to your deadline.
Additional Time Considerations Leave yourself time to finalize the suggested changes and consult with the editor if needed. Reminder: Submit as early as possible!

Who may request the services? 

Any faculty member with a primary appointment in Gillings may request editing assistance. Additionally, any Gillings postdoc may request editing assistance. If you have questions about eligibility for these editing services, please contact us at

How will requests for services be prioritized?  

The services will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if we receive multiple requests for a given time period, priority will be given to applicants who are: 

  • Early career investigators moving toward independent investigator careers;
  • Researchers from underrepresented backgrounds; 
  • Working on a proposal for a large grant (greater than $500,000 in direct costs per year);  
  • Resubmitting a proposal. 

In what format should the text be submitted? 

Editing will be done in Microsoft Word and returned as tracked changes. LaTeX users should submit documents in PDF format. 

Submissions should be a reasonably complete draft of the full proposal if the request is for a final edit. 




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