Publications from Gillings Innovation Labs

Gillings Innovation Lab PILink to Full TextPublication TitleJournalPublication YearAltMetric ScoreJournal Impact Factor (IF)
Lin - Round 2Nature GeneticsHeritability and genomics of gene expression in peripheral bloodNature Genetics2014
Lin - Round 2Genome-wide association and linkage identify modifier loci of lung disease severity in cystic fibrosis at 11p13 and 20q13.2Nature Genetics2011
Styblo - Round 1Arsenic biomethylation is obligatory for oxidative DNA damage.Journal of the National Cancer Institute200912.583
Baric - Round 1PMC PDFSynthetic recombinant bat SARS-like coronavirus is infectious in cultured cells and in micePNAS USA20089.674
Richardson - Round 1PMC PDFInfluence of Urbanicity and County Characteristics on the Association between Ozone and Asthma Emergency Department Visits in North CarolinaEnvironmental Health Perspectives20147.977
Vizuete - Round 1PMC PDFEpigenetic Changes Induced by Air Toxics: Formaldehyde Exposure Alters miRNA Expression Profiles in Human Lung CellsEnvironmental Health Perspectives20117.977
Vizuete - Round 1PMC PDFEpigenetic alterations in liver of C57BL/6J Mice after short-term inhalational exposure to 1,3-ButadieneEnvironmental Health Perspectives20117.977
Styblo - Round 1Speciation of arsenic in exfoliated urinary bladder epithelial cells from individuals exposed to arsenic in drinking water.Environmental Health Perspectives20087.977
Styblo - Round 1Characterization of the impaired glucose homeostasis produced in C57BL/6 mice by chronic exposure to arsenic and high-fat diet.Environmental Health Perspectives20117.977
Vizuete - Round 1A toxicogenomic comparison of primary and photochemicaaly altered air pollutant mixtures.Environmental Health Perspectives20117.977
Baric - Round 1PMC PDFInfidelity of SARS-CoV Nsp14-Exonuclease Mutant Virus Replication Is Revealed by Complete Genome SequencingPLOS Pathogens20107.562
Baric - Round 4PMC PDFImmunogenetic Mechanisms Driving Norovirus GII.4 Antigenic VariationPLoS Pathogens20127.562
BaricPMC PDFNorovirus Immunity and the Great EscapePLoS Pathogens20127.562
Richardson - Round 1PMC PDFPopulation-Based Burden of COPD-Related Visits in the ED: Return ED Visits, Hospital Admissions, and Comorbidity RisksCHEST Journal20137.132
Meshnick - Round 1PMC PDFGenetic Evidence of Importation of Drug-Resistant Plasmodium falciparum to Guatemala from the Democratic Republic of the CongoEmerging Infectious Diseases20146.722
Fry - Round 3Titanium dioxide nanoparticles activate the ATM-Chk2 DNA damage response in human dermal fibroblastsNanotoxicology2012
Sturmer - Round 2PMC PDFDipeptidyl-peptidase-4 inhibitors and pancreatic cancer: a cohort studyDiabetes, Obesity and Metabolism2014
Richardson - Round 1Is air pollution a confounder of temperature-disease associations?Epidemiology6.196
Meshnick - Round 1PMC PDFQuantification of the burden and consequences of pregnancy-associated malaria in the Democratic Republic of the CongoJournal of Infectious Diseases20115.997
Meshnick - Round 1PMC PDFPlasmodium falciparum sulfadoxine resistance is geographically and genetically clustered within the DR CongoScientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)20135.578
Vizuete - Round 1PMC PDFIn Vitro Exposures in Diesel Exhaust Atmospheres: Resuspension of PM from Filters Verses Direct Deposition of PM from AirEnvironmental Science & Technology20125.330
Sturmer - Round 2Oxford Journals PDFThe Role of Prediction Modeling in Propensity Score Estimation: An Evaluation of Logistic Regression, bCART, and the Covariate-Balancing Propensity ScoreAmerican Journal of Epidemiology2014
Baric - Round 1PMC PDFCulturing the Unculturable: Human Coronavirus HKU1 Infects, Replicates, and Produces Progeny Virions in Human Ciliated Airway Epithelial Cell CulturesJournal of Virology20105.076
Baric - Round 1ASM PDFNorovirus GII.4 Strain Antigenic VariationJournal of Virology20115.076
BaricPMC PDFEmergence of a Norovirus GII.4 Strain Correlates with Changes in Evolving Blockade EpitopesJournal of Virology20135.076
Baric - Round 4PMC PDFMonoclonal Antibody-Based Antigenic Mapping of Norovirus GII.4-2002Journal of Virology20125.076
Baric - Round 1ASM PDFSystematic Assembly of a Full-length Infectious Clone of Human Coronavirus NL63Journal of Virology20085.076
BaricPMC PDFGenetic Mapping of a Highly Variable Norovirus GII.4 Blockade Epitope: Potential Role in Escape from Human Herd ImmunityJournal of Virology20125.076
Baric - PMC PDFRNA Populations in Immunocompromised Patients as Reservoirs for Novel Norovirus VariantsJournal of Virology20145.076
Baric - Round 2PMC PDFCharacterization of Blockade Antibody Responses in GII.2.1976 Snow Mountain Virus-Infected SubjectsJournal of Virology20145.076
Lin - Round 2DiNAMIC: a method to identify recurrent DNA copy number aberrations in tumorsBioinformatics20114.981
Lin - Round 2seeQTL: a searchable database for human eQTLsBioinformatics20124.981
Lin - Round 2PMC PDFMatrix eQTL: ultra fast eQTL analysis via large matrix operationsBioinformatics20124.981
Lin - Round 2A powerful and flexible approach to the analysis of RNA sequence count dataBioinformatics20114.981
Sturmer - Round 2Wiley PDFTrends in Prevalence and Determinants of Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing in the United States: 2007 to 2012Journal of the American Geriatrics Society2016
Sturmer - Round 2PMC PDFUtilization of Combination Antihypertensive Therapy Initiation in Older Americans without Prevalent Cardiovascular DiseaseJournal of the American Geriatrics Society20144.572
Cole/Hudgens - Round 5AJPH PDFCausal Impact: Epidemiological Approaches for a Public Health of ConsequenceAmerican Journal of Public Health2016
Meshnick - Round 1PMC PDFPrevalence of human African trypanosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of the CongoPLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases4.446
Meshnick - Round 1High-throughput pooling and real-time PCR-based strategy for malaria detectionJournal of Clinical Microbiology4.232
Stewart - Round 3PMC PDFHepatitis E virus and coliphages in waters proximal to swine concentrated animal feeding operations.Science of the Total Environment2015
Stewart - Round 3PMC PDFSource tracking swine fecal waste in surface water proximal to swine concentrated animal feeding operationsScience of the Total Environment2015
Richardson - Round 1Ambient temperature and emergency department visits for heat-related illness in North Carolina, 2007-2008.Environmental Research3.951
Vizuete - Round 1Epigenetic mechanisms of mouse inter-strain variability in genotoxicity of the environmental toxicant 1,3-butadieneToxicological Sciences20113.854
Styblo - Round 1Interspecies Differences in Metabolism of Ardenic by Cultured Primary HepatocytesToxicology and Applied Pharmacology20103.705
Styblo - Round 1Arsenic (+3 oxidation state) methyltransferase genotype affects steady-state distribution and clearance of arsenic in arsenate-treated miceToxicology and Applied Pharmacology20103.705
Styblo - Round 1Direct analysis and stability of methylated trivalent arsenic metabolites in cells and tissuesMetallomics20113.585
Styblo - Round 1Direct analysis of methylated trivalent arsenicals in mouse liver by hydride generation-cryotrapping-atomic absorption spectrometry.Chemical Research in Toxicology20113.529
Styblo - Round 1Epigenetic Changes in Individuals with ArsenicosisChemical Research in Toxicology20113.529
Styblo - Round 1Disruption of the arsenic (+3 oxidation state methyltransferase gene in the mouse alters the phenotype for methylation of arsenic and affects distribution and retention of orally-administered arsenate.Chemical Research in Toxicology3.529
Styblo - Round 1Loss of di- and trimethylarsine on Nafion membrane dryers following hydride generationJournal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry20113.466
Styblo - Round 1Speciation of arsenic in biological matrices by automated hydride generation-cryotrapping-atomic absorption spectrometry with multiple microflame quartz tube atomizer (multiatomizer)Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry20083.466
Lin - Round 2Analysis of untyped SNPs: Maximum likelihood and imputation methodsGenetic Epidemiology20103.441
Richardson - Round 1Definition of emergency department asthma visits for public health surveillance.Journal of Clinical Epidemiology3.417
Maman - Round 3PMC PDFYoung men's social network characteristics and associations with sexual partnership concurrency in TanzaniaAIDS and Behavior20163.312
Maman - Round 3SpringerLinkComparing perceptions with actual reports of close friend’s HIV testing behavior among urban Tanzanian menAIDS and Behavior20163.312
PMC PDFInternational Society for Disease Surveillance Conference 2011: Building the Future of Public Health Surveillance: Building the Future of Public Health SurveillanceEmerging Health Threats Journal20113.24
Meshnick - Round 1PMC PDFMolecular Malaria Epidemiology: Mapping and burden estimates for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2007PLoS ONE20113.234
PMC PDFLivestock-Associated Methicillin and Multidrug Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Is Present among Industrial, Not Antibiotic-Free Livestock Operation Workers in North CarolinaPLoS ONE20133.234
Meshnick - Round 1Population, Behavioral and Environmental Drivers of Malaria Prevalence in the Democratic Republic of CongoMalaria Journal3.109
Sturmer - Round 2Wiley PDFPredictors of prevalent statin use among older adults identified as statin initiators based on Medicare claims dataPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety2016
Sturmer - Round 2Prevalence of potentially inappropriate medication prescribing among older US AdultsPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety20122.939
Sturmer - Round 2Wiley PDFMatching on the disease risk score in comparative effectiveness research of new treatmentsPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety2015
Sturmer - Round 2Comparative Evaluation of Short-Term Risk of Cardiovascular Events with Antidiabetic Step-Up Therapies Among Older AdultsPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety20122.939
Sturmer - Round 2Predictors of First-Step Antihypertensive Treatment among Older Adults at High Risk for Cardiovascular OutcomesPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety20122.939
Sturmer - Round 2Wiley PDFMore realistic power estimation for new user, active comparator studies: an empirical examplePharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety2015
Sturmer - Round 2PDS PDFComparison of diagnostic evaluations for cough among initiators of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockersPharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety20162.939
Sturmer - Round 2Use of claims data to predict dependence in older adultsPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety20122.939
Sturmer - Round 2Performance of Overall vs. Subgroup Propensity Scores When an Important Subgroup Variable is a Strong ConfounderPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety20122.939
Sturmer - Round 2Comparative effectiveness of first step antihypertensives and risk of cardiovascular outcomes in older adultsPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety20122.939
Sturmer - Round 2PMC PDFUsing Claims Data to Predict Dependency in Activities of Daily Living as a Proxy for FrailtyPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety2015
Morrissey - Round 1Increasing Access to State Psychiatric Hospital Beds: Exploring Supply-side SolutionsPsychiatric Services2.813
Meshnick - Round 1Spatial and socio-behavioral patterns of HIV prevalence in the Democratic Republic of CongoSocial Science & Medicine2.733
Maman - Round 3ElsevierEvidence of social network influence on multiple HIV risk behaviors and normative beliefs among young Tanzanian men Social Science and Medicine20162.733
Maman - Round 3Social venues as protective and HIV risk landscapes for young men in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaSocial Science & Medicine20102.733
Richardson - Round 1Seasonal modification of the association between temperature and adult emergency department visits for asthma: a case-crossover study.Environmental Health2.714
Meshnick - Round 1PMC PDFA Cross-Sectional Survey of Plasmodium falciparum pfcrt Mutant Haplotypes in the Democratic Republic of CongoThe American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene20142.699
Lin - Round 2PMC PDFEmpirical pathway analysis, without permutationBiostatistics20132.649
Lin - Round 2A general framework for estimating genetic effects and gene-environment interactions with missing dataBiostatistics20102.649
Richardson - Round 1Improving processes of care for acute asthma exacerbations in the emergency department: A systems perspective and systematic literature reviewMedical Care Research & Review2.600
Vizuete - Round 1The Gillings Sampler – An Electrostatic Air Sampler as an Alternative Method for Aerosol In Vitro Exposure StudiesChemico-Biological Interactions2014
Richardson - Round 1Brief Report: Hospital Admissions and Return Visits associated with COPD-Related Emergency Department Visits in North CarolinaAcademic Emergency Medicine2.5
Lin - Round 2Convergence and prediction of principal component scores in high dimensional settingsAnnals of Statistics20102.442
Maman - Round 3PMC PDFVijana Vijiweni II: A cluster-randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of a microfinance and peer health leadership intervention for HIV and intimate partner violence prevention among social networks of young men in Dar es Salaam Global healthBMC Public Health20162.264
Richardson - Round 1Social Ecology of Asthma: Integrating Health Behavior Theories and System Dynamics Techniques.Health Education & Behavior2.229
Vizuete - Round 1RSC PDFApplication of chemical vapor generation systems to deliver constant gas concentrations for in vitro exposure to volatile organic compoundsEnvironmental Science: Processes & Impacts20142.171
PMC PDFDefining Emergency Department Asthma Visits for Public Health Surveillance, North Carolina, 2008–2009Preventing Chronic Disease (CDC)20142.123
Styblo - Round 1Oxidation state specific generation of arsines from methylated arsenicals based on L- cysteine treatment in buffered media for speciation analysis by hydride generation - utomated cryotrapping - gas chromatography- atomic absorption spectrometry with theSpectrochimica Acta Part B20082.098
Styblo - Round 1Online pre-reduction of pentavalent arsenicals by thioglycolic acid for speciation analysis by selective hydride generation-cryotrapping-atomic absorption spectrometry.Spectrochimica Acta Part B20082.098
Maman - Round 3T&FAnxiety and depression strongly associated with sexual risk behaviors among networks of young men in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaAIDS Care20162.095
Lin - Round 2Correcting for population stratification in genomewide association studiesJournal of the American Statistical Association20112.063
Lin - Round 2Convergence of sample eigenvalues, eigen-vectors and PC scores in ultra-high dimensional dataBiometrika20141.912
Richardson - Round 1PMC PDFDetecting Disease Outbreaks Using Local Spatiotemporal MethodsBiometrics20101.827
Lin - Round 2Control of population stratification by correlation-selected principal componentsBiometrics20111.827
Styblo - Round 1Expression of AS3MT alters transcriptional profiles in human urothelial cells exposed to arsenite.Human & Experimental Toxicology20091.747
Lin - Round 2A geometric interpretation of the permutation p-value and its application in eQTL studiesThe Annals of Applied Statistics20101.746
Lin - Round 2PMC PDFQuantification of population structure using correlated SNPs by shrinkage principal componentsHuman Heredity20101.474
Morrissey - Round 1How a stressed local public system copes with people in psychiatric crisisPsychiatric Quarterly1.327
Maman - Round 3Sage Pub PDFPerpetration and victimization of intimate partner violence among young men and women in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaJournal of Interpersonal Violence20161.210
Maman - Round 3T&F PDFLeveraging strong social ties among young men in Dar es Salaam: a pilot intervention of microfinance and peer leadership for HIV and gender-based violence preventionGlobal Public Health2015
Ammerman - Round 1Produce price savings for consumers at farmers’ markets compared to supermarkets in North CarolinaJournal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition1.14
Morrissey - Round 1The effects of state psychiatric hospital waitlist policies on length of stay and time to re-admissionAdministration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research2015
Styblo - Round 1Metabolism of arsenic in human liver: The role of membrane transporters.Archives of Toxicology2010
Ammerman - Round 1The Next Generation, That’s Why We Continue To Do What We DoJournal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
Vizuete - Round 1PMC PDFGaseous VOCs rapidly modify particulate matter and its biological effects – Part 1: Simple VOCs and model PMAtmos Chemistry and Physics Discussions2012
Richardson - Round 1PMC PDFCOPD-Related ED Visits in North Carolina: Hospitalizations and Return VisitsOnline Journal of Public Health Informatics2013
Richardson - Round 1Emergency department visits attributable to asthma in North CarolinaNorth Carolina Medical Journal
Styblo - Round 1Exposure to arsenic in drinking water is associated with increased prevalence of diabetes: A cross-sectional study in the Zimapán and Lagunera regions in MexicoEnvironmental Health: A Global Access Science Source2011