Emergent Humanitarian Crises

At Gillings, we seek to understand and improve public health responses to rapid and emerging public health emergencies, such as natural and human-related disasters, epidemics, pandemics, armed conflicts, and other emergencies.

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Highlighted Leaders in the Field

Other Leaders in the Field

Margaret (Peggy) Bentley, MA, PhDDistinguished Professor EmeritusDepartment of Nutrition
Bill Gentry, MPAAssociate Professor and Director of CPDM certificate programDepartment of Health Policy and Management
Jill Stewart, PhDProfessorDepartment of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Jason D. Surratt, PhDProfessor and Co-Director of Undergraduate StudiesDepartment of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
William Vizuete, PhDAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Highlighted Courses Related to Emergent Humanitarian Crises

  • HPM 420 – Community and Public Health Security–Disasters, Terrorism, and Emergency Management Systems
  • HPM 422 – Emergency Management I–Analytic Methods
  • HPM 423 – Emergency Management II–Disaster Management