The faculty of the Department of Public Health Leadership and Practice (PHLP) is a small but diverse group of educators, with experience in both professional and academic environments. The core faculty collaborates with professors from the Schools of Medicine and the Gillings School to produce a curriculum built around principles of leadership and public health best practices.

The PHLP staff coordinates and supports the Department, providing crucial resources to the faculty and information to students whose connection to the University is often a virtual one. The staff is practiced at meeting the different needs of distance and residential students as well as alumni and prospective applicants.

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Department of Public Health Leadership and Practice Faculty and Staff Pose at the Carolina Club for a group photo.
From Left to Right, Top Row: Daniel Reyes, Minzhi Xing, John Wiesman, Sarah Thach, Dana Rice, Lori Evarts, Tamarie Macon
Middle Row: Oscar Fleming, Chantal Donaghy, Anna Schenck, Vaughn Upshaw, Kaitlyn Stubblefield, Addie Imseis, Megan Richardson, Rohit Ramaswamy
Bottom Row: Cindy Feltner, Shannon Aymes, Laura Villa Torres, Aimee Mchale, Michele Fulton, Zuniad Ahsan, Marie Lina Excellent


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Karar Zunaid Ahsan, PhD, MIPH, MSAssistant
Lori A. Evarts, MPH, PMP, CPH, MBTIAssociate Professor and Associate Director, Operations
Marie Lina Excellent, MD, MPHAssistant Professor and Global Health Certificate
Cynthia Feltner, MD, MPHAssistant Professor and Concentration Lead - Population Health for
William Oscar Fleming, DrPH, MSPHAssistant Professor and and Concentration Co-Lead - Global
Karl T. Johnson, PhDAssistant
Amy Joy Lanou,
Tamarie Macon, PhDAssistant
Aimee M. McHale, JD, MSPHAssistant
Kim Ramsey-White, PhDAssociate Dean for Inclusive
Dana Rice, DrPHAssistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Master's Degree
Anna P. Schenck, PhDProfessor of the
Rhonda Stephens DDS, MPHProfessor of The
Sarah Brill Thach, MPHAssistant
Vaughn Mamlin Upshaw, DrPH, EdDProfessor and Concentration Lead - Leadership in
Laura Villa Torres, PhD, MSPHAssistant
Minzhi Xing, MD, MPHAssistant

Adjunct Faculty

Kathryn Andolsek, MDAdjunct Assistant
Shannon Aymes, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Ameena Batada, DrPHAdjunct Associate
Marcella H. Boynton, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Carol Breland, MPH, RRTAdjunct
John Brock, PhDAdjunct
Martha Carlough, MD, MPHAdjunct
Linnea CarlsonAdjunct Assistant Professor
Lori Carter-Edwards, PhD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Kauline Cipriani, PhDAdjunct Associate
Russell Coletti, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Donna R. Dinkin, DrPH MPHAdjunct Assistant
Robert Doherty, DDS, MPH Adjunct Assistant Professor
William Donigan, DDS, MPHAdjunct Associate Professor
Kim Faurot, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Jill Fromewick, Sc.D.Adjunct Assistant
Timothy Gabel, MBAAdjunct
Jared Gallaher, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Teresa GeorgeAdjunct Instructor
Erica GregoryAdjunct Assistant
Jennifer GriffinAdjunct Assistant
Chase Harless, MSWAdjunct Assistant
Russell P. Harris, MD, MPHAdjunct
Mamie Sackey Harris, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Lisa Macon Harrison, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Wade Harrison, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Jeannine Herrick, MPHAdjunct
Elizabeth "Beth" HighAdjunct Assistant
Vijaya K. Hogan, DrPH, MPHAdjunct
Natasha Hughes, MPHAdjunct
Fabrice Julien, PhD, MPH, MAAdjunct Assistant
Leila C. Kahwati, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Kody H. Kinsley, MPPAdjunct
Emily Kiser, MPHAdjunct
Manish Kumar, MPH, PhDAdjunct Associate
Spencer Lindgren, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Brettania O’Connor, PhD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Rebecca Maine, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Katrina Mattison-ChalweAdjunct Assistant
Nancy McGee, JD, DrPHAdjunct Associate
Paul Meade, M.Sc, MPHAdjunct Assistant
J. Lloyd Michener, MDAdjunct
Vanessa Miller, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Gita Mody, MD, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Virginia MoyerAdjunct
Charles Mike Newton-WardAdjunct Assistant
Jacqueline Olich, PhDAdjunct Associate
Medge Owen, MDAdjunct
William F. Owen, Jr., MD, FACPPHLP Adjunct
Christie Pettitt-Schieber, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Marcus Plescia, MD, MPHAdjunct
Deborah Porterfield, MD, MPHAdjunct Associate
Rohit Ramaswamy, PhDPhD
Greg Randolph, MD, MPHAdjunct
Marianne C. Ratcliffe, MHAAdjunct Professor
Trista Reid, MD, MPH, FACS Adjunct Assistant
Megan Richardson, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Robert A. Rowe, MD, MBA, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Ghazaleh Samandari, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Tanvi Shah, MBBS, DAAdjunct Assistant
Kevin W. Sowers, MSN, RN, FAANAdjunct
Paula Brown Stafford, MPHAdjunct
Michael Steiner, MD, MPHAdjunct
Amy Belflower Thomas, MHA, MSPH, CPHAdjunct Assistant
Hugh H. TilsonAdjunct
Gina Upchurch, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Douglas W. Urland, MPAAdjunct Assistant
Gretchen L. Van Vliet, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Ellis D. Vaughan, DNP, RNAdjunct
Jessica Vaughan, MPHAdjunct
Anthony J. Viera, MD, MPHAdjunct
Meera Viswanathan, PhDAdjunct Assistant
John Wallace, PhDAdjunct Assistant
Rachel A. Wilfert, MD, MPH, CPHAdjunct Assistant
Louise Winstanly, LLB, MSAdjunct Assistant
Jacqueline Rollins Wynn, MPHAdjunct Assistant
Susan Zelt, DrPH, MBAAdjunct Assistant
Sanjay ZodpeyAdjunct


Chantal N. Donaghy Executive Assistant to the
Michele FultonAcademic Program Support
Shaneka Haynes, MS, HS-BCPMPH Student Services Director, UNC Gilling’s School’s Master of Public Health Program in
Addie Melsheimer Imseis, MPH, BSN, RNProject Director, Building Veteran Healthy Communities
Daniel Reyes, MAOutreach Coordinator, Building Veteran Healthy
Megan Richardson, MPHMPH PHLP Mentoring
Kaitlyn StubblefieldQuality

Emeritus Faculty

Russell P. Harris, MD, MPHProfessor
Arnold Kaluzny, PhDProfessor
William A. Sollecito, DrPHProfessor
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