Public Health Leadership Program Faculty and Staff

The faculty of the Public Health Leadership Program (PHLP) is a small but diverse group of educators, with experience in both professional and academic environments. The core faculty collaborates with professors from the Schools of Medicine and the Gillings School to produce a curriculum built around principles of leadership and public health best practices.

The PHLP staff coordinates and supports the Program, providing crucial resources to the faculty and information to students whose connection to the University is often a virtual one. The staff is practiced at meeting the different needs of distance and residential students as well as alumni and prospective applicants.

PHLP Faculty and Staff

PHLP faculty and staff include: Back row (L-R) Bill Sollecito , Vaughn Upshaw, Lizzie Yates, Michele Fulton, Lori Carter-Edwards, Aimee McHale, Susan Randolph, Sharon Pickard, Dana Rice, Cindy Feltner, Cindy Reilly, and Angelique Lawyer. Front row (L-R) Kathy Cheek, Chantal Donaghy, Director Anna Schenck, Karine Dubé, Kristen Hurdle, and Julea Steiner.

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