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Minimum Credit Hours

Application Cycle
More Information

See application details page for more info.

Application Deadline
December 4, 2023
More Information

See application details page for more info.

Expected Duration
1 Year

Learning Environment

Dual Degree Options Available

How To Apply

Application Deadline: December 4, 2023
Fee: $45

Application Deadline: December 4, 2023
(The Graduate School Application is a common application system for UNC-Chapel Hill programs.)
Application Steps

Start UNC Application

1. Important Note(s):

See program details for requirements such as perquisites, prior degree, work experience, any test score waivers, as well as a tuition estimate and program overview.

2.Applicant information, including North Carolina residency information.

3. Educational history
Please upload a copy of your most recent transcript(s), including your current term grades, if applicable. (If grades are not yet available, send them to the UNC Gillings program contact as soon as they become available.) Be sure the transcript reflects the name of the institution and any degrees you received.

6. Community Standards
You will be asked about honor code, crime, academic sanction, military discharge, etc.

7. Upload your personal statement

Upload a document that answers the following questions (no more than 2 pages).

    • State your purpose in applying for this program.
    • Explain how the certificate will be of value to you.
    • Describe any experience you have had with distance education.
    • Ten-twelve hours of student work per course, per week are required for successful course completion. Describe how you will schedule that time.
    • If you will be working full-time, explain what mechanisms you have or can put in place to ensure that you will be able to handle the demands of both work and school. Specifically, detail the support your supervisor has offered and whether release from work/school is available.
    • Describe what contributions you could make to this certificate program.
    • Please list all college level math courses you have taken–(honors courses taken in high school can be included).


8. Upload your resume or CV.

9. Enter names of recommenders. UNC will then send them an email with instructions for submitting a letter on your behalf. We encourage references from professors or teachers (or teaching assistants) or work/research supervisors who have worked directly and closely with you and who can speak about you with specificity.

  • 3 (academic and/or professional; at least one academic)

10. Document submission (check legibility of uploads)

11. Pay the Graduate School application fee.

12.Track your progress.

You will be able to track status through the Graduate School application. Once a decision is made, you will receive an email instructing login to the Graduate School application portal to see the decision letter.

More Information

1. SPH application review:

  • No interview required.

Department recommendation will be sent to the Graduate School for final approval.

2. UNC Graduate School application review and final decision:
The UNC Graduate School reviews all admissions recommendations made by programs. Once final decisions have been made, the Graduate School will send you an email instructing login to the Graduate School application portal to see the decision letter.

Applicant Information

Who Should Apply

  • Students looking to expand their global focus in North Carolina, the US and internationally, and specifically, improve their skills to address global health issues.
  • Develop a collaborative learning approach to sharing the knowledge of global leaders and practitioners with Certificate participants.
  • Share knowledge on the causes and solutions to global health issues to benefit the changing populations of North Carolina, the United States and worldwide.

Admissions Information

Prior Degree Required
Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent.

Required Prerequisites

Standardized Tests Accepted

Standardized Test Scores

  • GRE scores are neither required nor typically recommended for applicants.
  • UNC Graduate School Institutional School Code: 5816
  • International applicants must submit official TOEFL or IELTS standardized test scores.

Letters of Recommendation Required
Not Required

Faculty-Student Match Required
Not required.

Interviews Required
Not Required.

Work Experience Required
None Required
More Information

MPH students often have experience in a health-related field.

Visit Opportunities
Learn about opportunities to come to UNC Gillings to meet faculty, staff, and current students. If you are unable to come to campus – don’t worry – our representatives attend a variety of recruitment events around the United States as well as host virtual fairs and webinars.

During and After The Program

Required Courses

  • PUBH 711 Critical Issues in Global Health: This course explores contemporary issues, problems, and controversies in global health through an interdisciplinary perspective; examines the complex tapestry of social, economic, political, and environmental factors that affect global health; analyzes global health disparities through a social justice and human rights lens; and exposes students to opportunities in global health work and research. This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the Online Global Health Certificate Program.
  • PUBH 712 Global Health Ethics: This course will introduce students to the theoretical and practical aspects of public health ethics and develop students’ analytical skills to evaluate ethical issues related to public health policy, prevention, treatment, and research. Topics include: ethical reasoning; concepts of justice; principles of interacting with communities; professional conduct and research. Prerequisite: PUBH 711.
  • PUBH 714 Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs: This course covers the fundamental concepts and tools for monitoring and evaluation of public health programs such as for HIV/AIDS/STDs, maternal health, reproductive health, child health, environment, and nutrition. Basic concepts and practices in M&E will be covered such as performance monitoring, impact evaluation, indicators, information systems, data collection methods, evaluation designs, strategic information in decision making, and communicating results to policymakers. Prerequisite: PUBH 711.

Additional Career Information
Career paths, job titles, employers, and destinations of our graduates.

Global Options Available
The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health strives to integrate global content and approaches across the School’s courses, programs and degrees. We believe that every student should emerge from our School with an understanding of global health issues. Some courses are focused largely on global issues, others are designed so that global and local issues are intertwined and some still are evolving. Learn more about these options.

Many enrolled students will have the opportunity to pursue our graduate global health certificate, while others may choose global health courses, internships or independent study with global focus.



Contact Public Health Leadership

135 Dauer Drive
4104 McGavran-Greenberg Hall, CB #7469
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7469
(919) 966-5285