Leena Nylander-French

Dr. Nylander-French

Dr. Nylander-French, PhD, CIH
Director, NC Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Center
Director, Occupational Exposure Science/Industrial Hygiene Training Program

David Richardson

Dr. Richardson

David Richardson, PhD
Deputy Director of the NC OSHERC and Director of the Occupational Epidemiology Program

Laura Linnan

Dr. Linnan

Laura Linnan, ScD
Director, Total Worker Health® Certificate Program, NC OSHERC
Director, Carolina Collaborative for Research on Work and Health

Xu Xu

Dr. Xu

Xu XU, PhD
Director, Safety and Ergonomics Program

John Staley

Dr. Staley

John A. Staley, PhD, MSEH
Director of Outreach and Continuing Education

Dennis Darcey

Dr. Darcey

Dennis Darcey, MD, MSPH, FACOEM
Director, Occupational Medicine Residency Program

Julie Maness Myers
Office Administrator