Introduction to Atlas.ti Part 1

This short course will demonstrate the capabilities of the PC version of ATLAS.ti (version 23), a qualitative analysis software program for coding and interpreting qualitative data. ATLAS.ti also provides numerous options for attaching memos and comments to text segments, documents, and codes. We will demonstrate how to import textual data, create and apply codes, write... Read more »

Usability Testing in Survey Research

Usability testing allows in-depth evaluation of how respondents & interviewers interact with questionnaires, particularly web & mobile surveys. A respondent may understand the survey question & response options, but may be unable to select their answer accurately on the small screen of a smartphone. It is critical for researchers to have the necessary tools to... Read more »

Introduction to Stata

This 5-hour (1/23/24 and 1/25/24; 1pm – 3:30pm each day) course will be offered online only. Attendance is required – this course will not be recorded. This course introduces students to Stata and data management. It is tailored for beginners and researchers who want to learn how to manage data more effectively. Each day, the... Read more »

Integrated Mixed Methods

Mixed methods research (MMR) refers to research design & implementation that combines qualitative & quantitative data collection and/or analysis strategies. This course discusses best practices, through the review of exemplars... Read more »

Optimizing Data Collection and Creating Maps with Drones

This course is being offered in collaboration between the Odum Institute and the Center for Urban & Regional Studies. This course, led by the Carolina Drone Lab, will cover drone data collection, planning, and analysis. Attendees will be introduced to: mission planning, creating automated flights for data capture, processing software for drone imagery (Pix4dMapper), and... Read more »