Sanofi Scholars Program

GGG_sanofiSanofi Global Nutrition Scholars–a partnership

The Sanofi Global Nutrition Scholars program represents a unique and visionary partnership between academia and industry.

In addition, the program has provided a springboard for wider strategic engagement between Sanofi and the Gillings School of Public Health. We are finding many common interests, specifically in diabetes and in methods for patient engagement.  Discussions are underway to further explore next steps in the emerging strategic exchange between UNC, Sanofi, and major world economies such as China.

The program currently supports four gifted students.

Current students include:


Wenze “Victor” Zhong

Victor Zhong is currently working on his dissertation entitled: Understanding Hypoglycemia from Population, Individual and Behavioral Perspectives. He completed an internship with Dr. Juhaeri Juhaeri in summer 2013 and drafted a protocol for evaluation of GLP-1 receptor agonists in relation to pancreatic diseases.






Xiao Zhang

Xiao Zhang enrolled in Aug. 2015, has just started researching individual diet quality and its association with obesity.





Past scholars:


Lindsay Jaacks conducted Diabetes research in China


  Lindsay Jaacks

Protocol and supporting documents for 3C diabetes study Peking U. IRB using study consent documents and scripts as a model  for Chinese researchers

Training and experience – Lindsay led a 2-day training for Peking University staff on dietary intake methods, ethical guidelines, confidentiality, data collection procedures, and quality control.





Bo “Bonnie” Qin defended her PhD dissertation entitled, “Diet Vascular Risk Factors, and Cognitive Decline in Chinese Older Adults” and graduated in August 2014.







Yuanyuan Qin defended her PhD dissertation entitled, “Remodeling the microenvironment by weight loss restrained high fat diet-induced basal-like breast cancer” and graduated in August 2015.