Department of Nutrition
American Body Composition Calculator

The Calculator uses research conducted by Dr. June Stevens and her team to compute percent body fat for individual users or large research samples.

A healthy weight is critical to good health, and having strong muscles and the right amount of body fat provides optimal energy, performance and well-being. Our team of scientists used information from over 20,000 Americans to produce a tool that calculates how much of your body is fat.

American Body Composition Calculator for Individuals

The ABCC calculates how much fat is stored in your body using your height, weight, other body measurements, along with personal factors such as age, race and sex.

You may want to share your calculated percent body fat with your doctor. For information on how to maintain a healthy body composition visit this National Institutes of Health website.

American Body Composition Calculator for Researchers

Researchers can calculate percent body fat for virtually unlimited numbers of study subjects by downloading the ABCC SAS macro and documentation from the American Body Composition Calculator for Researchers website.