The Nutrigenomics Concierge services includes help with planning, inclusive of selecting appropriate types of samples, sample preprocessing, nucleic acid quantity and quality requirements, experimental design and preliminary analytical plans. These services support applications for funding both through NORC pilot projects and through external mechanisms. After a project is funded, we will guide NORC members through the technical execution phase and assist with data analysis.
  • Assistance from conceptualization and planning through analysis and interpretation of genetic and genomic data
  • Support is available for low to medium throughput assays as well as high throughput methods
  • For focused investigations of limited numbers of RNA and DNA targets, support is provided for targeted PCR arrays and Nanostring technology
  • For genome-wide studies, microarrays and Next Gen Sequencing services are supported
  • Assistance is also available for very recent innovations, such as studies of RNA sequence variants and microRNA expression, and high throughput sequencing based analyses such as ChIP-Seq, and FAIRE-seq
  • Many nutrition and obesity studies that use genomic and genetic analysis methods will ultimately seek to combine this data with metabolomics, proteomic, and histologic data. We provide support for decision making that will ensure integration of genomics data with other data types.
The initial consultation is provided free of charge. Specific bioinformatics and laboratory support services are available on a fee-for-service basis. Additional assistance is available on a subcontract basis. The subcontract costs will be determined by the time and effort required.Forms

For more information about GWAS Nutrigenomics, please contact Melissa Troester, PhD.
For more information about Mouse Genetics Nutrigenomics, please contact Ian Davis, MD, PhD.
For more information about Clinical Applications Nutrigenomics, please contact Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD.

Last updated July 09, 2013