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Metabolomics, the profiling of the many small molecules in blood, urine or tissues, provides an opportunity for investigators to obtain a snapshot of metabolism. Several commercial and academic metabolomics platforms exist. An investigator needs to select the platform that best fits their needs and budget. Once a platform is selected, samples must be collected properly, and diet, sample collection timing, and storage of samples must be considered. Once the metabolomics data return to the investigator, interpretation of the data can be challenging.

The metabolomics concierge helps investigators select an appropriate metabolomics profiling platform, design a study, collect appropriate samples, and finally helps with interpretation of data. The concierge can also assist with the preparation of pertinent sections of grant applications.


zeisel_steve_2012Steven H. Zeisel, MD, PhD, Director of Metabolomics

Kenan Distinguished Professor
Departments of Nutrition & Pediatrics
T: (919) 843-4731

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