UNC Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC)
Members of NORC gather for a photo.

Members of NORC

Research Base Members

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All eligible investigators must have faculty appointments at UNC. Postdoctoral fellows or their equivalent are not eligible for membership. 

Membership is open to any UNC faculty member who: (1) is actively engaged in nutrition- and/or obesity-related research that is supported by a major funding agency and/or (2) is using NORC core services to advance nutrition- and/or obesity-related research. In addition, P&F awardees are granted membership in the NORC.


Members enjoy priority access to all NORC core facilities and consultation services are available at little or no cost. Through this network, members will also gain exposure for their research and publications, have an opportunity to network and collaborate with other NORC investigators, and will have expanded access to nutrition and obesity-related conferences, seminars, trainings, and funding opportunities.


As a requirement of membership, investigators are expected to be active users of the NORC, participate in center activities, and acknowledge the grant in all published work resulting from the use of our services.

How to Apply

To apply for membership, interested faculty members must submit a research statement, NIH biosketch, and an “Other Support” document to the NORC Managing Director. The research statement must detail the investigator’s nutrition- and/or obesity-related research and identify the NORC interdisciplinary approaches that best describe their current research, paying particular attention to potential collaborative and synergistic relationships with the current NORC membership. Please send the requested documentation to the NORC Managing Director for membership consideration.

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