UNC Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC)

Research Cores

Steve Zeisel discusses a project with other researchers.

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is responsible for the overall business administration and daily management of the NORC.

The Administrative Core sets the overall direction of the NORC and ensures optimal utilization of all center resources. The Core provides scientific leadership, research oversight, budgetary management, and administrative support for the center

Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core

The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core provides contemporary phenotyping techniques for metabolism and energy balance in mouse models of nutrition and disease.

The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core offers technical support and expertise for measuring traits related to metabolism in mouse models of obesity and nutritionally relevant disease. With facilities at the Chapel Hill and the Nutrition Research Institute campuses, the Core provides access to state-of-the-art methods, equipment, and populations to support high quality and high throughput phenotyping of energy balance components in mice.

A calorimeter is a common device in a nutrition lab.
A couple jogs together.

Clinical and Community Human Assessment and Interventions Core

The Clinical and Community Human Assessment and Interventions (CHAI) Core offers services in three areas: behavioral assessment, clinical assessment, and interventions.

CHAI Core's behavioral assessment services (formerly known as DPAC) ensure that investigators use the latest methods for diet and physical activity assessment in their research studies, and allow them to utilize the infrastructure (personnel, software, and equipment) that exists within the Core rather than create their own duplicate capacity.

CHAI Core's clinical assessment services include metabolic assessment with whole room calorimeter, body composition, clinical support, and meal preparation in a metabolic kitchen.

CHAI Core's intervention services use state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate the translation of traditional evidence-based interventions into effective web- and mobile-based interventions in nutrition and obesity.

Metabolism and Metabolomics Core

The Metabolism and Metabolomics Core provides cutting edge metabolomics, biochemistry methods, and molecular biology techniques for nutrition research.

The Metabolism and Metabolomics Core offers cost-effective assays and facilitates the use of biomarkers in nutrition research. Additionally, metabolomics – the profiling of the many small molecules in blood, urine, or tissues – provides an opportunity for investigators to obtain a snapshot of metabolism.

A researcher works in a nutrition lab.
Two student researchers work in the Baric lab.

Precision Nutrition Core

The Precision Nutrition Core is an all-encompassing support system for investigators conducting research on nutrigenetic and microbiome aspects of obesity and obesity-related diseases.

The Precision Nutrition Core assists investigators with identifying genetic factors and interactions that affect an individual’s needs and responses to nutrients and susceptibility to obesity and identifies high-utility targets for prevention and treatment.