UNC Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC)

CHAI Core: Clinical Assessment


CHAI Core’s clinical assessment services are provided by the Human Research Core at its clinical facility located within the UNC Nutrition Research Institute on the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC (30 minutes north of Charlotte). The Nutrition Research Institute is committed to conducting innovative, basic and translational science to support the understanding of individualized nutrition. These advances in science promote the prevention and reduction of chronic disease and obesity.

The Human Research Core also facilitates collaborations with the Applied Physiology Laboratory and the Metabolic and Nutrition Research Core, both of which are located at the Chapel Hill campus.


The Human Research Core provides human nutrition research investigators with multidisciplinary services and equipment in one location. In service since 2008, we continue to expand to meet the needs of our clients, and we encourage collaborative as well as independent research. The Human Research Core is complete with examination rooms and equipment, pharmacy, phlebotomy laboratory, specimen laboratory, and furnished consultation rooms. For nutrition intervention studies, it offers a metabolic kitchen specifically designed to support nutrition research. The Human Research Core offers state-of-the-art resources and support for investigators through:

  • Human metabolism and body composition assessments
  • Clinical laboratory and support services
  • Preparation and delivery of precisely designed meals for study participants

To learn more about our facilities and specific services, visit our website. To submit a service request, visit us on iLab.

Contact Us

Martin Kohlmeier

Martin Kohlmeier

Martin Kohlmeier, MD, PhD
Professor, Nutrition
500 Laureate Way
Kannapolis, NC 28081
(704) 250-5023

  • Director, Human Research Core (CHAI Core: Clinical Assessment)

Victoria Fabry

Victoria Fabry, MS
Clinical Study Coordinator
500 Laureate Way
Kannapolis, NC 28081
(704) 250-5062

  • Clinical Study Coordinator, Human Research Core (CHAI Core: Clinical Assessment)