New resources from the NC Public Health Academy

The NC Public Health Academy has several new resources for professional development. The first is a self scoring Management and Leadership Skills Self Assessment, based on focused interviews with several seasoned local health directors which assessed what skills are necessary to be a successful leader and manager in NC public health.
The assessment can be found under “Self Assessment” within each discipline-specific section on the Academy website. This tool is now being used by a number a health departments.

Another new resource in each discipline specific section of the website is a customized searchable learning opportunity database. There practitioners can find trainings, websites, tutorials, and many other tools for building professional competency.

In addition, the Academy has created a listserve enabling practitioners to learn about new training resources from many sources.

Finally, the Academy website now has a Public Health in NC link that includes NC public health data sources, social marketing tools, Introduction to Public Health in NC, job search tools, and other general NC public health resources.

All of the resources and more are available at: For more information contact: Janet Place,