2013 NC PHLP Practica Opportunities

Brunswick County, Bolivia, NC

Students are needed to assist public health nurses in analysis of sexually transmitted infections data and in the development of education and outreach initiatives for use in the Communicable Disease program. Students will be trained in the NC electronic disease surveillance system and will be able to access databases in order to assist and track outbreaks, identify trends, and assure that cases are reviewed in a timely manner.

Granville/Vance Health District, Oxford, NC

Students are needed to evaluate the need for substance abuse prevention efforts in the health district, and to identify evidence-based approaches, such as Project Lazarus, for implementation.  The assessment would include collecting data from the local community care network, the local mental health center, the hospital emergency department, law enforcement, schools, and other community organizations. Students would assist with grantwriting to identify resources to implement the programs.

Richmond County, Rockingham, NC

Students are needed to help with the 2013 community health assessment  and with the development of public health messages that can be broadcasted on the health department’s website and local community channels.

Robeson County, Lumberton, NC

Students are needed to assist with the State of the County’s Health (SOTCH) report card and with writing and implementing grants to address health disparities. In addition, students will have an opportunity to work with the Community Transformation Grant personnel in evaluation and communication efforts . Specifi project work includes assisting in delivering obesity prevention and physical activity services in several American Indian churches and working with the Teen Outreach Program (Pregnancy Prevention) as it expands from one site to six.

Rutherford-Polk-McDowell Health District, Rutherfordton, NC

Students are needed to assist with a district-wide assessment to determine the need for health education/health promotion staff and services. In addition, students will have an opportunity to work on community health improvement plans that will serve as blueprints for improving health and identifying gaps in resources, particularly in the areas of health education and health promotion. There is also an opportunity to update the district’s teen pregnancy prevention plan and to identify evidence-based strategies to address the high rates of unintended pregnancies among adolescents.

Wilkes County, Wilkesboro, NC

The Wilkes County Health Department proposes that student interns placed during the summer of 2013 will work on the following initiatives related to Healthy North Carolina 2020 Objectives :

  • Develop a county wide Diabetes Coalition
    • Pull together community partners
    • Set meetings, goals, objectives, etc.
  • Conduct a county wide assessment of current nutrition, physical activity, and diabetes resources
    • Assess interest of Joint Use Agree development with existing physical activity facilities
    • Develop Resource Directory
  • Based on assessment findings, implement a program/policy to meet an identified need.

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