About This Training

Photo of people's hands meeting at the center of a circle with text "Introduction to Public Health in North Carolina: Introduction to Public Health Online Training Series" with the NCIPH logoThe Introduction to Public Health in North Carolina Online Training Series provides a basic orientation to public health and working in North Carolina governmental public health. The training is designed for public health practitioners who are new to public health and/or who are new to public health in North Carolina.

This online training series was developed in collaboration with the Local Technical Assistance and Training Branch at the Division of Public Health, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, with funding support from the North Carolina AHEC Program.

Important note: This digital content is available for no charge.

Training Modules

Google Chrome and Firefox are recommended browsers for viewing.

Note: You must complete and submit the post-training evaluation after each module in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Module 1: Introduction to Public Health in North Carolina (20 minutes)
Evaluation for Module 1

The first module in this series provides an overview of what public health is, starting with a basic understanding of public health’s 10 Essential Services and three core functions. It describes the history of public health in the United States and provides an overview of the infrastructure for governmental public health in North Carolina.

Module 2: Public Health Framework (20 minutes)
Evaluation for Module 2

This module looks at the three public health core functions and 10 Essential Public Health Services in more detail. It also introduces the learner to the concept of equity, which is central to the 10 Essential Services, and explains the related concepts of health equity and health inequities.

Module 3: Equity in Public Health (20 minutes)
Evaluation for Module 3

The third module delves further into health equity and explains the role of social determinants of health in creating health disparities. This module also defines systemic racism and discusses its impact on health outcomes, with examples specific to North Carolina.

Module 4: North Carolina Public Health Organizational Structure (25 minutes)
Evaluation for Module 4

This module outlines the governance structures and infrastructure that support North Carolina’s governmental public health system. It explains how local health departments in North Carolina provide public health services, with the support of a state agency and under the influence of state and federal laws.

Module 5: The Future of Public Health in North Carolina (20 minutes)
Evaluation for Module 5

The final module explains the concept of Public Health 3.0. It explores the five recommendations for achieving Public Health 3.0, with examples of how practitioners in North Carolina are applying these recommendations.