UNCCPHP_comb_278Looking for programs from the UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness / UNC Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center? They are all still available through our main website:

Training Packages

Basic Epidemiology Training Series

E is for Epidemiology
Five-part training series that introduces non-epidemiologists to the basic concepts of epidemiology.

I is for Investigation
Contains seven modules that use case studies to examine the concepts of an outbreak investigation.

P is for Practice
Features six case studies developed to allow non-epidemiologists to practice basic epidemiology skills.

ERIC Notebook periodical

Published from 1999 through 2008 by the Epidemiologic Research and Information Center (ERIC), and recently revised in 2014-15, this electronic epidemiology newsletter provides education in epidemiological methods as well as content areas of special significance to Veterans Administration clinicians, researchers, and administrators.

FOCUS on Field Epidemiology periodical

Published as a bi-monthly periodical (2003-2008), FOCUS offers a hands-on practical approach to topics in field epidemiology.

ICS in Action: Using the Incident Command System in Public Health Outbreak Investigations

This training is designed to help public health professionals at the local level integrate use of the Incident Command System (ICS) into a common public health department activity: investigating a disease outbreak.

Introduction to Mental Health Preparedness

This self-guided training program was designed for local health department staff and community volunteers to build awareness of the psychosocial consequences of disasters.

North Carolina Epi Teams Training Curriculum

This curriculum developed for local health department epidemiology teams in North Carolina offers individual and group activities addressing applied epidemiology competencies designed to improve team functioning.

Training Toolkits

NC Preparedness Coordinators Toolkit

This toolkit brings together key preparedness resources and trainings in a central location for North Carolina preparedness coordinators. Developed by the CDC-funded UNC Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (UNC PERLC) in collaboration with the NC Public Health Preparedness  and Response Branch.

Reproductive Health Assessment Toolkit

This toolkit can be used by state and local health departments to assess unmet reproductive health needs following a disaster. Developed by the UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Reproductive Health.

Vulnerable and At-Risk Populations Resource Guide

This quick online resource guide provides a custom list of resources with accompanying jurisdictional maps to aid local health departments in preparedness planning for vulnerable and at-risk populations. Support provided through the CDC-funded North Carolina Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center (NC PERRC).

Training Programs

NCIPH Training Website

The North Carolina Institute for Public Health (NCIPH) Training Website offers public health professionals and other interested persons immediate access to short, high quality trainings on a variety of public health topics. Trainings address public health preparedness, core public health and epidemiology competencies, as well as public health preparedness capabilities.

Technical Support

Team Epi-Aid

Team Epi-Aid was an initiative of the NC Institute for Public Health from 2003-2016. Funded through CDC preparedness programs (UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness 2003-2009; UNC Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center 2010-2016), Team Epi-Aid was designed to provide UNC graduate public health students with practical public health experience in applied projects for state and local health departments in North Carolina, while providing these departments with workforce surge capacity and students contributed over 6,000 total volunteer hours. Learn more about Team Epi-Aid.

GIS and Spatial Health

NCIPH is dedicated to assisting state and local public health agencies, hospitals, and other agencies with data collection and spatial analysis projects using geographic information systems (GIS). Originally formed as part of a CDC-funded project focused on public health preparedness, NCIPH has expanded to offer services in other areas including: time and space trends in population health; disease mapping and cluster analysis; and use of mobile technology to assist with field data collection (mobile-GIS, GPS and EpiInfo for Android as part of our Collect SMART tool). Learn more about our GIS technical assistance.