Engaging communities, building partnerships

At the Gillings School, practice and service are at the heart of what we do, demonstrating our commitment to building partnerships in practice, service and research through coordinating and communicating practicum, service-learning, and community-based research opportunities.

Throughout the Gillings School, you will find students, faculty and staff eager to engage with community partners and connect in meaningful ways to improve the health of our communities, both locally and around the world. Discover more about how you can get involved in community engaged learning.

Students present their work at a poster session.

Students, faculty, staff and community partners learn about the various practica experiences during a poster and expo session.

Public Health Practicum

The practicum is a planned, supervised and evaluated experience that connects students with communities around the world to transform classwork into public health practice.

Lori Evarts (center) poses with four other students.

The Public Health Leadership Student Association (PHLSA) is one of the many organizations that provides public health service opportunities.


See how students, faculty and staff connect with each other, across disciplines and with community partners on projects that have both local and global reach. Because our impact goes far beyond the classroom, service to communities around the world allows us to contribute to emerging needs, build partnerships and respond to local requests for support.

NCIPH staff Matt Simon (center) provides assistance to the Durham County Department of Public Health for health opinion surveys with volunteers Kathryn Peebles (left) and Humberto Rodriguez (right).

NCIPH staff Matt Simon (center) and two student volunteers provide assistance to the Durham County Department of Public Health for health opinion surveys.


The Practice, Service and Research Opportunities page provides local and regional assignments that focus on improving public health.

Students pose in front of the pi sculpture at the SAS campus in Cary, NC.

Students visit the SAS campus in Cary, NC as part of a PHield Trip event.


Whether you are looking to explore local and global public health practice, connect to service and research opportunities to improve public health, or join together in School and nationwide celebrations of public health, we look forward to connecting with you throughout the academic year.

The Public Health Behind the Scenes podcast logo

Public Health Behind the Scenes has covered Zika, refugee and immigrant groups, and public health policy.


Public Health Behind the Scenes features stories and public health perspectives on the issues that affect our lives. The podcast is produced by Research, Innovation and Global Solutions at the Gillings School of Global Public Health.

A North Carolina map showing the participation of each county from a health department accreditation training.

NCIPH recently hosted a series of NC Local Health Department Accreditation program trainings in collaboration with AHECs across the state.


The North Carolina Institute for Public Health delivers training, conducts research and provides technical assistance to transform the practice of public health for all.

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