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Facilitating Meetings of Diverse Groups of People | Slides
This archived webinar identifies key components of planning and designing community meetings with partners and community members including techniques for increasing participation, “dos” and “don’ts”, and specific points in the development of CHAs and CHIPS where facilitation is valuable. (Source: NACCHO; Length: 120 minutes.)

Next Steps in Developing a Community Health Improvement Vision for Action | Slides
This archived webinar discusses who from the community and local public health system should be involved in visioning, examples of vision statements, and lessons learned. (Source: NACCHO; Length: 90 minutes.)


Identifying Key Players

Forming the Steering Committee

Developing a Project Charter

Developing a Vision and Mission

Goals and Objectives

Work Plan and Timeline

Data Use Agreement

  • Sample Data Use Agreement, Word document (Inquire early if a data use agreement is necessary between participating partners)

Meeting Tools