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Anthony A. Peguero (Abstract of Presentation)

Research demonstrates that youth who are disciplined at school can be diverted onto a path toward social exclusion, educational failure, and economic insolvency. The conceptualization of the school-to-prison pipeline and criminalization has emerged from researchers revealing the increasing punishment of marginalized and vulnerable students.  Therefore, this presentation will provide an overview of how the “School to Prison Pipeline” is associated with:

1)       Safety (e.g. rules and norms; physical safety; social-emotional safety); Relationships (e.g. respect for diversity; school connectedness-engagement; social support– adults; social support – students; leadership); Teaching and Learning (e.g. social, emotional, ethical and civic learning; support for learning; professional relationships); and the Institutional Environment (e.g. physical surrounding).
2)      The significance of race and ethnicity, immigration, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual identity or orientation, and disability.
3)      Detrimental educational, social, health, employment, and criminal justice outcomes.
4)      Potential responses or programs such as restorative justice and communal schools 

School-to-Prison Pipeline_Peguero.

Gary Flowers (Abstract of Presentation)

1)      Socio-economic factors in low-income, communities of color
2)      Using direct action as a means of organizing public awareness
3)      Petitioning legislative bodies for progressive public policy

Will not be using a powerpoint

Melina Healey (Abstract of Presentation)

1)      The current crisis from a national perspective capturing both civil rights and human rights concerns;
2)      Identification of the major factors pushing kids into STPP (discipline practices, etc.);
3)      Localized impacts; and
4)      Examples of reform efforts (practice perspective)

A Tale of Two Pipelines Melina

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