Mildred Thompson (Abstract of Presentation)

  • Role of social determinants in impacting health
  • Intersections between race, class, ethnicity and health outcomes
  • Health disparities on the rise despite advancements in educational attainment
  • Advancing a solution based in collective engagement within communities

View the slides here.

Malia Villegas  (Abstract of Presentation)

  • Overview of the history of legislation related to indigenous people and tribal nations
  • Introduction of health sovereignty to leverage cultural capital
  • Native population gap analysis and health disparities
  • Advancing a model that is grounded in equity and sovereignty

View the slides here.

Lydia Camarillo (Abstract of Presentation)

  • Introduction to redistricting in the United States
  • Overview of Latina/o demographics and civic participation
  • Southwest Voter Registration Education Project’s grassroots effort to engage Latina/o political participation

View the slides here.

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